Archive for December 25, 2011

Tonight brought together two sets of traditions: Christmas Eve dinner and the middle of our Hanukkah celebrations. My stepdad put together a great combination of holiday treats. It is definitely far from kosher but we had latkes and ham. It honestly was excellent so you will get no complaining from me. His parents also joined us and engaged in our typical conversation of sports and pop culture. All of this was preceded by the great fall/winter activity of watching football. My Redskins unfortunately did not fully show up to this game, but I will forgive them this time. Maybe we will get the draft pick I hope can propel the team forward. But I digress…

After dinner came the lighting of the menorahs for the fifth night, but this made the first night with the family for this season. A fun little game we play is to watch the candles burn down and see which one survives the longest. My little sister won this time, but I get another chance tomorrow during round two of the Christmas/Hanukkah celebration. It is interesting to share this holiday with family that come from a Christian background and values, though they are very open to understanding and participating in the festivities. After the candles were lit, we engaged in our traditional Christmas Eve activity of opening our stockings. Mine was a little light, but I just joked about it. I honestly do not care about how many gifts I get or how much money people spend on me. The bigger family gathering and sharing of love and appreciation for each other is what makes the holiday season great.

Happy Hanukkah! And now Merry Christmas!