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While there is still quite a bit of football left, fantasy football is coming to a close. I have been playing for several years now and love how it gets me into the rest of the games across the NFL. Certainly I am a Redskins fan first and it is difficult to support production from players on teams like the Cowboys and Giants, but I find myself knowing about and appreciating the talent across the league.

I actually was not into football much until I got to college and started to watch the Eagles with a friend of mine. It was the earlier side of the McNabb era, also with Duce Staley, Freddie Mitchell and Todd Pinkston. I started to feel that spark I had as a kid with the Redskins and then started to watch my home team struggle to find a rhythm. That certainly has not changed, but a couple years later, I jumped into the fantasy football commotion. I have yet to win a league but I at least feel good about each of my teams before the first week of games are played.

In this most recent season, I had 4 teams, with the last league ending tonight with this Cowboys-Giants game. My team names are as follows: The More You Gano, Lending a Shanahan, The Cooley Zone and AllAlongTheHightower. I am actually most proud of that last one. Naming the team can almost feel as satisfying as drafting it. With that in mind, I decided to come up with some options for each of the teams across the league. Here we go…

  • Arizona Cardinals – 53 Card Pickup, Cardinal Rule, The Bird Cage, L. Card Fitzgerald, All’s Wells that Ends Wells
  • Atlanta Falcons – Millenium Falcons, Turner Vision, Ju-Ju-Juilo, Ovie Ovie Oxen Free
  • Baltimore Ravens – Quote the Raven, Balit-more Cowbell, The Boldin Beautiful, A Tale of Two Rays
  • Buffalo Bills – Bills Bills Bills, Wild Bills Hickok, The Lights Are Out, Me and Stevie & McGee
  • Carolina Panthers – Sweet Carolina, The Black Cats, Give It to Newton, Taking a Gamble
  • Chicago Bears – Da Bears, Bear-ly Hanging On, Fort Knox, That’s My Forte
  • Cincinnati Bengals – Cincy’s Stripes, The Green Zone, Pac-Man & Co., Dalton’s Law
  • Cleveland Browns – Could Have Been Ravens, Brown-Eyed Girl, Sorry Mr. Jackson, Over the Hillis
  • Dallas Cowboys – ___ Does Dallas, No Mo Romo, Dez-tiny, Many the Miles
  • Denver Broncos – Mile High Miracle, Buckin’ Broncos, Tebow Time, Von Miller-ator
  • Detroit Lions – Lion’s Eye, Megatron’s Men, QB Killa, So Suh Me
  • Green Bay Packers – Cheeseheads by the Bay, Favre Who, Full Nelson, AJ Hawkeye
  • Houston Texans – Texas Texans, Johnson & Johnson, Super Mario, Rackers It Up
  • Indianapolis Colts – Peyton’s Team, Colt 53, Freeney At Last, Addai on the Prize
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – Jig Jags, MJD Lite, Scobee Doo, Osgood That Ends Good
  • Kansas City Chiefs – War Chiefs, A King’s Cassel, Bowe and Arrow, Don’t Be a Succop
  • Miami Dolphins – Laces Out, Marshall Law, A Reggie in the Hand, Taylor-Made
  • Minnesota Vikings – Norse Code, Ponder Me This, Hail Mary Harvin, EJ and the Henderson’s
  • New England Patriots – Patriot Games, The Brady Bunch, Get Him to the Gronk, Wilfork in the Road
  • New Orleans Saints – Not So Saintly, Cool Brees, Autumn Brees, Receiver Nation
  • New York Giants – Empire State of Mind, Cruz-in’ USA, The Other Manning, Tuck and Roll
  • New York Jets – Cool Your Jets, No Place Like Holmes, Gun Control, Folk Lore
  • Oakland Raiders – Raiding the Endzone, In the Palmer of My Hand, Housh-Your-Daddy, Madden’s McFadden
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Flipadelphia, Fly Like the Eagles, The Real McCoy, Big Maclin
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Reinforced Steelers, Hines 57, Sushiman Suisham, Malu of Troy
  • San Diego Chargers – Super-Charged, Cry Me a Rivers, Heavenly Gates, Jammer Jam
  • San Francisco 49ers – 9ers By the Bay, Crabtree Apple, Green Akers, Frank-en-Gore
  • Seattle Seahawks – I Love Ferry Boats, The Unstoppable Lynch, The Better Baldwin, Atari 2600
  • St. Louis Rams – Battering Rams, Ah You Guys, Coming Down with Laurinaitis, Chris Long Division
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ahoy Matey, Bowers Power, Haynesworthless, Trueblood
  • Tennessee Titans – Remember the Titans, Such a Hassel-beck, Britt-ish Invasion, Hope & Faith
  • Washington Redskins – Redskin Potatoes, Helllluuuu, Atogwe We Go, Orakpo Equals Sack