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Although there are a lot of sports stories that could be highlighted from this weekend, there is one particular headline that certainly deserves to take the attention. Joe Paterno, former coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions, passed away early this morning due to complications from lung cancer. The coach was a staple to the historic football program, though his exit was less than ideal. During his time, he won 24 bowl games (most in FBS history), 3 Big Ten championships, 2 national championships and a record-setting 409 total wins. He won Coach of the Year numerous times and coached longer than any other in football history.

His exit from the school was an issue of accountability but not direct responsibility. It may even be debatable in light of recent evidence. Pushing all of that aside, his legacy will be based on all of the successes listed above and I wish his family well during what must certainly be an extremely difficult time.

Rest in peace, JoePa.