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A Parade of Terrapins

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Art, College

Back in 2006, the University of Maryland celebrated its 150th anniversary. Maryland Day, a special Saturday in late April, was bigger than ever. Besides the special festivities on the day of celebration, the university planned to unveil a parade of Testudo statues across the campus and in a few additional locations across the state. Each of the statues were sponsored by an organization and turned into a themed presentation of important characteristics of the school. There were 50 statues in total. I have a selection of theme posted below to give a sense of the awesomeness that was the Testudo Statue campaign.













Top Row: 1 Team; 150 Years; The Arts (front); The Arts (back)

2nd Row: Basketball (front); Basketball (back); Big Terp on Campus; Bustin’ Out

3rd Row: Fireworks (front); Fireworks (back); Celestial Terp; Champions

4th Row: Chaos; Equality; Out in the Field; The Freshman

5th Row: The Grad; Hell in the Shell; Kertle; Lax Terp

6th Row: Marching Terrapin; Maryland Day; Metalli; Mighty Terrapin

7th Row: Mosaic (front); Mosaic (back); Ninja Turtle

8th Row: Old Line (front); Old Line (back); Path to Success; American Pride

9th Row: Recycle Terp; College Park Scholar; Super Fan; Super Terp

10th Row: Terpedo; Testuda (front); Testuda (back)

11th Row: Tuxudo; Warhol’s Terrapin