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Back on March 13th, The Daily Show did a segment on Rush Limbaugh and his rantings about Sandra Fluke and birth control. On his program, he equated her insinuations as representative of slutty and prostitution-related behavior. FOX News followed up not by either supporting or opposing Limbaugh’s comments, but instead decided to turn the tension back onto the liberal media and figures like Bill Maher. The argument made was that the comments were only meant to be comedy. Clearly infuriating John Stewart, he went off for a solid couple minutes on FOX News’s failure to take ownership of the smut coming out of their news personalities’ mouths. It is a rather entertaining segment of his program and highlights a significant problem with the conservative media. The liberal media has its own problems, but this is something that caught my attention as well. Take a look at this video and watch Jon Stewart’s callout of the utter ridiculousness FOX News put on display.