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I have got to give credit to “The Daily Show” for coming up with the right title for following the presidential race. While my greatest interests represented on this site seem to be more about entertainment and sports, there is a side to me that tries to keep up to date on the important issues that plague our great nation and seem to be the focus for our politicians. With this being an election year, the stage has basically been set for a battle between the incumbent Barrack Obama and the now frontrunner Mitt Romney. This has technically not become solidified as there are still a few candidates left in the race for the Republican nomination, but it is a foregone conclusion that he will be named the party’s representative by the time the convention rolls around.

While Romney may be the nominee, the rest of the Republican field has made its impact on the primary race. Conversation popped up originally that Sarah Palin would be running, though she chose to stay with FOX News. The party wanted to see Chris Christie from New Jersey, but he chose to stay out of the fray. The party even wanted Jeb Bush to jump in at the last minute, but he chose to stay in Florida. Here is what was left…


Mitt Romney: Former Governor of Massachusetts – Romney ran back in 2008 and lost to John McCain in the primaries. He is a mormon who graduated from Brigham Young University. As the current frontrunner, he stands for strength in foreign policy, a repeal of Obama’s health care reform (though he developed something similar for Massachusetts), reform of federal spending, stands firmly pro-life and wants a national definition for marriage as of between a man and woman.

Newt Gingrich: Former Speaker of the House – Though constantly plagued by issues of debt and scandal during the primaries, Gingrich refuses to quit the fight. As a native from Virginia, he pushes forth a conservative agenda more to the right than Romney. The issues for Gingrich include making the Bush-era tax cuts permanent, reforming the Obama health care plan, the need to develop a stronger, unified path in the US’s foreign agenda, maintaining an anti-abortion stance and the need to maintain greater control over the country’s borders.

Ron Paul: House of Representatives (Texas) – Regarded by many as a wingnut, Paul has run three times for the presidential opportunity. Paul has been a long-running member of Congress and has views that both follow party lines and defy them. Among those positions are an agreement on both economic and health care perspectives of his party, a view of reducing military involvement around the world and a combination of disapproving of same-sex marriage but allowing the states to decide for themselves.

And for all of the ones who dropped out…


Rick Santorum: Former US Senator (Pennsylvania) – Probably one of the most conservative candidates formerly in the running, Santorum looked to be the biggest, long-term conpetition for Romney until multiple losses caused him to drop out. He was able to capture the conservative population with his strong stances on health care, social policies and foreign affairs.

Rick Perry: Texas Governor – Though he is the nation’s longest serving governor, Perry chose to run on a platform of economic cuts, military service and increased border security. He was well known for his antics during debates and his anti-progressive identity.

Jon Huntsman: Former Utah Governor, Former US Ambassador to China – With international experience, he was the candidate that truly had the best record with foreign affairs, but it was also seen as a crutch in comparison to the preferences of his party’s perspectives on foreign policy. Otherwise, his candidaacy seemed eerily similar to Mitt Romney’s.

Michelle Bachman: House of Representatives (Minnesota) – As a strongly contributing member of the Tea Party movement, she was the only woman who announced a candidacy from the Republican party. Though her stances were fairly representative of her party, she could not make a strong enough splash to stand out as a viable candidate.

Herman Cain: Radio Talk Show Host, Former President and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza – As the only candidate without significant political experience, Cain ran on a 9-9-9 plan for economic recovery. He proposed the need to reduce corporate tax rates and develop a federal sales tax. His antics and commentary created a national buzz, but only from an entertaining standpoint.

I will come back to the issues more for just the currently active candidates soon.