The Reality of Romney Economics

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Politics

While I am sure there are some redeeming qualities about the presumptive Republican nominee, there has been little highlighted to represent why Romney would make a good president. He has openly criticized the support for gay marriage, laughed off his high school hi-jinx as a bully and talked simply about repealing every Obama effort of the past 4 years. He has not provided a strong plan for fixing the economy, openly opposes equal rights and cannot make a solid decision about anything.

One of his biggest platforms arguments is his record on “creating” jobs. I am sure that he has been a job “creator” to a certain extent, but he is also well documented as a job destroyer with his involvement in Bain Capital’s multiple accounts of bankrupting major companies. The video below represents one of his significant failures in business. I am not going to say that Obama is more qualified to turn around the economy, except that it has been recovering slowly over his term (after falling to pieces in the wake of the end of Bush’s final years). Watch this video and let me know if it does not hit home somehow.

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