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Considering that the series finale left a lot of unanswered questions, I thought it would be interesting to break down some of the mystery. The finale was actually written before the show was discovered to be cancelled. The writers had a 5-year story arc that would turn the show into the next Lost. Unfortunately it was cut short, leaving fans (like myself) to speculate what would have happened next.

First, here is a rundown of the events that closed out the series:

  • Mark discovered that a second blackout was coming only 14 minutes after the moment of the visions. While he survived the attack of the terrorists, the bombs planted in the building were set to go off before he had a chance to get out. Running toward a helicopter at the moment of the second blackout, he dropped to the ground just before reaching the balcony. Moments later, the building exploded. Wedeck and Vreede seemingly got out of the building before it exploded, but they were not shown outside of the building before the bombs set off. It is unclear who survived the blast.
  • Lloyd ended up at the Benford house on the night of the vision and uses a formula written on a mirror by his son with a formula send in a text by Simon to finally uncover a secret about the science of the blackouts. Unfortunately, this occurs too late to prevent the next one. Lloyd, Dylan, Olivia and Charlie collapse together in the living room when the blackout hits. Olivia had given herself emotionally to Lloyd but there is no telling what her reaction would be at the news of Mark’s fate.
  • Simon and Demitri break into the reactor control room and attempt to steal the information left on the server by Hellinger and his crew. Before leaving the room, the reaction is turned on remotely to engage the second blackout. Simon failed to break the code before it hit and both men fall unconscious during their new visions.
  • Bryce and Keiko seemed to be separated by fate but Keiko’s mother intervened to allow Keiko to make a run for it to meet with her supposed love. Bryce and Keiko finally meet in person and sparks fly. They are holding hands when the second blackout hit.
  • Nicole’s fight with Bryce is resolved, but she is left to drive away on her own. Distracted, she barreled through a fence and into a pond. A mysterious man dove in to save her, resulting in an opposite outcome to her vision (saved rather than killed).
  • After sending the photos to Wedeck and saving his daughter, he sat by her side as she struggled to survive the night. Thinking that she passed away, he almost gave up hope but stuck to the vision he believed in. Tracy reawakened and was finally reunited with her father.
  • Janis used herself as a decoy in the attempt to get Demitri and Simon into the facility, but actually fell ill and was transported. She arrived at the hospital to meet with the doctor from her vision, but learned that the child is actually a boy instead of a girl. When the second blackout happened, Lita (a henchman of Hellinger) carted Janis’s unconscious body off.

Several problems were still lingering from previous episodes:

  • The vice president’s vision had her sitting as president in the Oval Office. What was the fallout from Wedeck’s receipt of the pictures from Aaron? Was the president immediately impeached or was there an undisclosed murder plot that happened the day of the second blackout?
  • Zoey was left at the airport, seemingly leaving Demitri after his disclosure of his sexual encounter with Janis. Her vision had her on the beach mourning her relationship with their families and friends in the background. What happened to the result of her vision?
  • Gabriel McDow (James Callis) was vital to the investigation but is not really utilized in the series finale. What happened to him?
  • Hellinger was being escorted out of the building when Mark went running in. He was seemingly center to the terrorist plot, but was he really that significant of a player and where did he end up?
  • Jericho was revealed for its connection to the blackout trials. James Ermine (James Remar) appears to be at the center of Jericho. Would he have become central to the plot and was he in possession of one of the rings?
  • Who did the 7 rings go to?
  • The pillars were revealed to have caused the localized blackout in Somalia, and the villains highlighted that Simon and Lloyd were not solely responsible for their blackout. Are there other hidden pillars across the globe or was there something about the formula that had not been translated into English yet?
  • What was the true purpose of the blackouts, considering the individual trials at the mental institution?
  • What was up with the kangaroo being unaffected?

When the flashes occurred at the end of the series finale, there were a couple of significant differences. First of all, the flashes were from different time periods. There was not an effort to connect flashes to direct characters, except for Charlie as an adult saying that she found “him.” Individual people could experience more than one vision during the second blackout. With all of this in mind, here are some thoughts on what happened to the characters after the second blackout (just based on my own predictions):

  • Mark Benford: Although Mark survived the blast, he was captured by Jericho representatives who were in the helicopter and wearing rings at the moment of the blackout. Taken to a third world country, he was held captive in an attempt to keep him silenced but also be used as bait to distract the FBI away from their true mission. Charlie was devastated by the “death” of her father but did not realize that he was still alive until she was old enough to understand her vision. She and Dylan utilized their resources with the FBI and a board that she recreated using images of Mark’s case board to continue his work and track him down. Mark’s visions include the moment he was rescued by Charlie and his murder of president Clemente.
  • Olivia and Lloyd: Their storyline seemingly takes an interesting turn, as they began a new relationship together and Olivia experienced some similar struggles she had with Mark’s obsession with his work. Lloyd is recruited to stay with the FBI to become a key representative on the Mosaic case, now split in its focus between investigating Jericho, the effects of the blackouts and Mark’s disappearance (after Charlie encourages Wedeck that he is still alive). Olivia’s only vision included an argument with Charlie over her running off with Dylan to an unknown location. Dylan’s vision included an interaction with Gabriel in a detention center.
  • Demitri: When he left Zoey at the airport, he did not know that a second blackout was coming. Zoey’s plane was in the air at the time of the blackout and crashed into the ocean before reaching its destination. Not believing that she was actually gone, he became obsessed with finding her. He sacrificed his job and his relationships to discover the truth and rescue his love. Demitri sees a vision of a letter written to him dated 3/14/11 but then a period of nothingness like his first experience.
  • Simon: Though he is resistant of Hellinger, he is recruited as a double agent by Marshall Vogel to replace the now missing Janis. He stayed on with the FBI as a consultant but also returned to his job in research, with a focus on continuing to understand the blackouts at both the global and individual scales. He discovered that he could use Lloyd’s equations to perfect the technology to be weaponized on the smaller scale. Jericho took a keen interest and dispatched him after they got their hands on his notes and prototypes. Simon did not see anything during his flash forward.
  • Aaron & Tracy: While stuck in Afghanistan during Tracy’s recovery, they discovered that they were not safe to return to US due to Jericho’s surveillance. Constantly on the move, Aaron continued his relationship with Wedeck to send information when he was able to reach an ally. The stress takes its toll on Aaron and Tracy’s desire to drink eventually catches up with Aaron. Though nearly captured by Jericho, Tracy saved her father from both their attackers and his break from sobriety. While Aaron viewed several moments of his surveillance of Jericho, Tracy experienced one vision of Aaron striking her in a drunken stupor.
  • Bryce & Keiko: In her flash forward, Keiko learned that Bryce’s cancer returned but also that she was on the verge of discovering a possible new treatment to save his life. Feeling the strong connection but barely knowing each other, she struggled with her mother’s action catching up to her and resulting in her immediate deportation the next day after the second blackout. Bryce moved to Japan to be with her, but they both struggled with her family’s apprehensions with her relationship with an American. When Bryce’s cancer began to progress again, Keiko was able to return to the US and partnered with Nicole (now an attending surgeon) to research possible experimental treatments. A man named F. Walsh (from the second blackout visions) is patient zero in Keiko’s and Nicole’s medical trial (which appeared to both women in their visions).
  • Ed: Though he saved Nicole’s life on Flash Forward Day, her vision of Ed was repeated in a vision he experienced during the second blackout. He chose to share his vision with her immediately, stating that he believed that something happened to them in the future to cause him to act violently. Though he tried to stay away, Nicole believed that there would be no immediate complications in their relationship due to her success with medical school and research. Ed reluctantly sticks around but becomes increasingly agitated when Nicole spends more time with Bryce during his treatment and eventually admits to her feelings for him. When he sees her kiss Bryce in light of the good news about the treatment, he surprises her by running her off the road and drowning her in the same lake of their first meeting. Though Bryce had a vision of the crash, he did not know it was Nicole’s and Ed’s cars until it was too late to reach her.
  • Wedeck: With the assassination of the president in the wake of the near release of the Jericho evidence, Wedeck is offered a position on Clemente’s cabinet. While he accepts, he promoted Vreede to acting director of the LA branch of the FBI. He suspected Clemente’s acceptance of the activities of Jericho and conducted a secret investigation using his contacts at the FBI and CIA. Discovering that Clemente used Jericho to take out the president, Wedeck pushed too hard, leading to the death of his Georgetown affair. He eventually uncovered the information that led Charlie and Dylan to Mark’s aid but at the cost of his own life. Wedeck also sees Mark’s vision of the assassination of president Clemente.
  • Janis: Taken from the hospital during the second blackout, she is kept sedated during the rest of her pregnancy and her son is hidden from her after he is born. Hellinger appeared when she was finally allowed to be lucid again and gave her an ultimatum: reverse her double agent status to commit herself to Jericho or watch her son be killed and then be framed for the death of Demitri. She agreed to go along with Jericho but maintained communication with Marshall Vogel. She became a top FBI suspect after images were captured with her wearing one of the rings. Her vision included moments of her living in a quiet home with her son, which helped to sustain her during her activities with Jericho.
  • Hellinger and Ermine: Jericho is revealed to be central to the efforts to weaponize the blackout technology and hold the world hostage. While the FBI and CIA continually held Jericho at bay by keeping up with the activities, a series of additional blackouts are discovered through Mosaic, including the dates of 3/14/11 and 1/1/15. Ermine eventually sacrificed Hellinger in an attempt to make a statement to the agencies, but in doing so captured Gabriel McDow. Using McDow as a living representation of Frost’s timeline, Ermine engineered a final blackout to occur on 12/12/16 to set up a World War by setting off nukes during the flash forward period (at which time, all flash forwards appear to be blank like Demitri’s during the first global event). This final flash forward encourages mass chaos, leading to a newly sworn-in president to calm the masses while hiding his ring from the cameras.

Speculation is fun but I would rather find out from the writers what their plans were for the series. If anyone finds this out, please let me know. Thanks!

Though originally slated for at least 5 seasons, this short-lived drama explored a world devastated by disaster and plagued with the knowledge of a glimpse into the future. The show started with quite a bang, with agent Mark Benford waking up in the wreckage of his car. Amid multiple flipped cars and people battered, bruised and deceased, he looks out into the distance to see fires, explosions and downed planes in every direction. The show spent the start of the series trying to just sift through the wreckage to make sense of what happened on October 6th, but the mystery got deeper as the FBI uncovered more and more evidence of the truth behind the visions experienced during the blackout. Before reflecting on the storylines, here is a quick introduction into the cast.

  • Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes): As an agent of the FBI, Mark is responsible for heading up the investigation of the blackout.
  • Demitri Noh (John Cho): Demitri serves as Mark’s partner, who is devastated by the lack of a vision during the blackout.
  • Stanford Wedeck (Courtney B. Vance): This director of the LA branch of the FBI is a extremely cautious but holds a number of his own secrets.
  • Dr. Olivia Benford (Sonya Walger): This lead surgeon is also Mark’s wife and scared of meaning of her vision. Their daughter, Charlie (Lennon Wynn), is traumatized by her vision.
  • Charlie Benford (Lennon Wynn): Charlie is young, easily scared and holds vital information to help Mark’s investigation.
  • Janis Hawk (Christine Woods): This FBI agent is shrouded in mystery, but maintains focus on the vision of her pregnancy.
  • Al Gough (Lee Thompson Young): Plagued by his flash forward, Al’s work with the FBI proves vital for both personal and investigatory reasons.
  • Marshall Vogel (Michael Ealy): Although representing the CIA, Vogel participates in a number of the FBI’s missions.
  • Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport): Father to an autistic son, Dylan (Ryan Wynott), Lloyd is directly connected to the cause of the blackout.
  • Simon Campos (Dominic Monaghan): Also connected to the blackout, Simon’s activities seem to be in conflict with both sides of the investigation.
  • Dr. Bryce Varley (Zachary Knighton): At the time of the blackout, he planned on killing himself. His vision saved his life.
  • Nicole Kirby (Peyton List): Always seeking repentance, Nicole is part of the Benford family and close friend of Varley.
  • Aaron Stark (Brian O’Byrne): Originally Mark’s AA sponsor, he is obsessed with the possibility that his daughter survived an attack in Afghanistan.
  • Tracy Stark (Genevieve Padalecki): Presumed dead, Tracy is the lost daughter who appears alive in her father’s vision.
  • Zoey Andata (Gabrielle Union): Fiancee of Demitri, Zoey is fixated on the life the two of them are destined to share.
  • Keiko Arahida (Yuko Takeuchi): Though a software developer by trade, Keiko’s vision forces her to make some significant life changes to find the man of her dreams.
  • Dyson Frost (Michael Massee): Key to the blackout event, Dyson appears to be as dangerous as he is intelligent and calculated.
  • Ted Flosso (Ricky Jay): As a middleman to the villainous plot, Flosso is a man of influence who has a strange relationship with Simon.
  • Lucas Hellinger (Neil Jackson): Involved in the blackout plot, Hellinger seems to be center to the villainous organization planning to activate the blackouts again.

When considering the main storylines, there is a great depth to this show. Each storyline requires the merging together of several of the flash forwards, some coming to fruition and others being affected by unforeseen circumstances.

  • Mosaic: Based on Mark’s vision of a case board, the LA branch of the FBI takes on the investigation of the blackout by starting up a website for people to post their visions. Mark’s leads take them to places all over the globe as he slowly reconstructs the board from his vision to hopefully learn about the details of the blackout and the meaning of his vision (which included him drinking in the office while masked gunman close in on his position). Significant leads include a suspect known as D. Gibbons, the death of crows around the world and a video recording of someone awake during the blackout. Mosaic becomes an interest for a number of competing groups, including other government agencies and terrorist groups. The fact that the investigation uncovers the possibility that the blackout has happened in the past unlocks the possibility that it could happen again.
  • Mark’s & Olivia’s Separation: Secondary to the Mosaic plot, Olivia eventually reveals that her flash forward placed her at home in her bedroom with another man in the house. Supported by Charlie’s vision of Dylan claiming that the house is also his, Olivia meets her mystery man, Lloyd. Though Olivia and Mark attempt to avoid Lloyd at all costs, he keeps finding a way back into their lives, as he later becomes a member of the investigation.
  • Demitri’s Non-Vision: When Demitri finally reveals that he did not have a vision, they learn that his death prior to April 29th is a definite possibility. A phone call reveals that he will be murdered on March 15th. While Mark and Demitri attempt to investigate his future murder, all of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, including the involvement of Mark’s gun, the corroborating stories from other visions and Zoey’s vision of her on a beach (though originally thought to be their wedding, it is actually her mourning of her lost love).
  • Bryce & Keiko: Just before Bryce can pull the trigger of the gun, his vision showed him that a mysterious woman would come into his life and he would be completely happy. As his story continues, Bryce reveals that he has cancer, but not before he learns Japanese and makes an attempt to find Keiko in Tokyo. Though he fails, Keiko ends up traveling to Los Angeles to reinvent herself as she uses her vision to inspire her life change. A budding relationship with Tracy threatens Bryce’s focus on finding Keiko.
  • Jericho & Aaron’s Mission: In his flash forward, he saw his lost daughter on a cot in Afghanistan, who he believed had been killed. When she mysteriously arrives on his doorstep, he believes his prayers have been answered, but she is not the same girl that left for the service. He learns that Tracy witnessed an event in Afghanistan that put her on the radar as a threat to a military company’s activities. When she is kidnapped, Aaron goes on a mission to uncover the truth about Jericho and save his daughter.
  • An Unexpected Child: Although Janis never ruled it out, she was shocked to find herself pregnant in her flash forward for two reasons: she was not interested in men and had not even begun to think about bringing a child into the world. Constantly reflecting on her vision, Janis begins to make herself scarce and becomes overwhelmingly uncomfortable with her role as a triple agent: working with the FBI, secretly sending confidential material to the villains and following the orders of the CIA to work undercover to reveal the truth of the villains’ activities.
  • Dreading Fate: Agent Al Gough is tortured by his flash forward because he learns that he is potentially responsible for the death of a mother of two. While he keeps this fact a secret, his vision also includes him working on a case that possibly could uncover the truth about Demitri’s potential murder. Al also debates the possibility of taking action to prevent his fate, leading to a stunning revelation about the visions. At the same time, Nicole experiences what she believes to be her drowning at the hands of an unknown man in her vision. She uses the experience to try to give back more at the hospital and seek out how to be a better person to avoid God’s wrath.
  • Simon’s Secret: Although Simon claims to have had a vision of assaulting another man, his involvement in the blackout is much deeper than initially identified. Though not understood until just before the infamous April 29th deadline, Simon was actually Suspect Zero and involved with Flosso’s plot to create worldwide chaos. Hidden from the FBI, Simon was forced into the involvement due to his search for his missing sister after the murder of his father. Simon plays both sides of the fence but possibly desires to be good based on his apprehensions to get involved in Flosso’s and Hellinger’s activities.

The final episode wraps up all of these storylines to a point, allowing for some of the questions to still be unanswered for possible future seasons. The show was cut short due to low rating, while was passed on to a second season with only slightly better ratings. Had this series been allowed to continue, there was a lot of potential for finding out the fates of a number of characters, including Mark, who was seemingly trapped in the FBI building at the moment of the second blackout when bombs destroyed the floor containing his office.

I wonder if the writers will ever reveal the actual fate of the characters…