The End of #47 in DC: Farewell to Chris Cooley

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Football

There have been a number of challenging situations that have happened to the Redskins in the past decade. The carousel of QBs and coaches have been tough to bear. Albert Hanyesworth was a a complete bust and a drain on the team’s finances. Jason Campbell was never going to be a great QB in DC but filled a void when there was a need for a newer quarterback. The league decided to fine the Redskins millions of dollars for following the rules during contract negotiations. During all of this, there were a handful of players that made fans believe in sticking around with the team: London Fletcher who revitalized the defense, Clinton Portis who gave the running game a much needed boost and Chris Cooley who was the spirit of the team.

In much of the way that Ray Lewis represents the soul of the Ravens, Cooley was a genuine devotee to the organization and lived the Redskins experience as both a player and a fan. He would commonly take jabs at Romo and the Cowboys during interviews while also putting in the extra work to be ready for his play on the field. Unfortunately, the recent injuries have sidelined him for too many games over the past 3 seasons. The rise of Fred Davis also created a similar challenge to getting back to his dominance at tight end. This offseason, Cooley had 3 requirements to get back on the field with the Redskins: lose some weight and get healthy, take a new decreased role with the team and renegotiate his contract to reduce his earnings. He did the first part but may have never had the chance to officially complete the second and third. Shanahan decided that the team needed to go a different direction and that Cooley was no longer going to be able to serve as the starter. In order to give him a shot at a starting role somewhere else, he decided to release him.

Cooley may never been able to get back to his starting ways, but it is a real shame that his time if up. His press conference was tearful and one of the classiest exits I have ever seen. He truly loves the team and hopefully will get his shot in advertising. At this time, he even said that he is unsure that he could ever put on another team’s journey, but it is certainly a possibility with the potential to still produce and the desire to still play. Regardless of what he does, I wish him the best of luck and he will always be a Redskin.

To watch the press conference, follow the link below:

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