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Excellent Work, FOX News!

Posted: September 8, 2012 in News, Politics

I will admit that I am not a fan of FOX News and often find myself befuddled by their brand of entertainment and blubbery that they attempt to pass off as “news.” It is common to find that certain news organizations tend to have certain biases, but FOX News lets people know almost immediately that their conservative position stands far and above their desire to represent themselves as their slogan proclaims, “fair and balanced.” This is not to say that they are 100% on one side. It was actually FOX News that promoted the stance that Paul Ryan was trying to break a world record with the number of lies in his RNC speech, specifically Sally Kohn (link).

Still, the problem is easily observed through their recent coverage on the RNC and DNC. It was no surprise to watch FOX commentators praise one and bash the other, but their memory seemed to be almost nonexistent in the way they contradicted the reasons why they link one but not the other. The Daily Show highlighted this point so well, but let’s take a look at what odd observations they made:

  • Romney did not have to follow the party platform but Obama does. It was identified that Romney did not write the platform, but there was also a strong focus on the God absence from the DNC platform.
  • FOX News praised the speech by Clint Eastwood but criticized the DNC for including Hollywood representatives.
  • The story about Mitt’s father and the rose was so touching, but Michelle Obama talking about their background and the car was unnecessary.
  • Paul Ryan’s details about the issues were praised by Brit Hume, but Clinton’s focus on policy details was confusing and unmemorable.
  • Chris Wallace praise the atmosphere of the RNC after Romney’s speech, but criticized the details of Obama’s speech even with the electric atmosphere at the end of the DNC.

I have no problem with breaking down and criticizing the details of the activities and speeches, but you have to be fair and criticize both equally. “Fair and balanced” means that you have to be both fair and balanced. It is fine to identify that Obama did not get into the specifics of his plan and instead focused on goals, but Romney and Ryan failed to highlight how their policy ideas would actually help the country and decreased the debt differently than when GW Bush followed the same path. Obama and the speakers highlighted some great support for social issues and policies, but the republican response only talked about love from a general sense without responding to their attacks on women and the LGBT community. No matter how much Ann Romney said that she loved her women of the republican party, she (and the rest of her party) failed to explain how they can stand behind social policies that separate and oppress the population.

The republican party could actually be more successful with independent and moderate voters if they could let up on the fights against positive, forward-moving social policies. Even still, it would be hard to convince me that Romney and Ryan know better how to help this country when they fail to recognize their own party’s mistake during the Bush era and the congressional gridlock that occurred after Obama became president. Let’s wait to see how they handle the debates when both parties’ representatives take stage at the same time.

Click on the picture below to watch the segment from The Daily Show.