A True 9th Inning Rally: Revival in Baltimore

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Baseball

In a season that is coming down to the wire for several teams, there were few pundits that were giving the Baltimore Orioles any real shot at making the postseason. Only a couple of weeks away and now they are a frontrunner to either grab a wild card spot or even usurp the New York Yankees from the top of the AL East. I have personally been an O’s fan for many years, but I have not been following that closely. Now, with great teams to both my immediate north and south (Washington Nationals), this could be a very exciting postseason.

The Orioles have traditionally been a 1 half team. They either have a good first half or second half to the season. Peter Angelos has been more about the profit than winning. He has made a number of bad moves, including ruining the team’s relationship with Miguel Tejada, signing an ailing Sammy Sosa and burning out his talent. The team fought for several years with significant accusations of steroid use, with big name players like Raphael Palmero being at the center of it. Even before these issues, the Orioles were cursed in the postseason in 1997 when a wrong call on a homerun destroyed the team’s confidence in the series with the Yankees and sent them on their performance slide for the next decade.

This season, the team has been able to stay in the fight with the Yankees, even though their runs scored still falls short of their runs allowed. They keep finding themselves in games with extra innings, particularly in the recent weeks. Oddly enough, they have won the last 16 extra-inning games. The injuries have been a problem all season, but they keep finding guys that can step up and give them someone who can lead them to a win.

Beware of the bird!

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