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The Coal Miner’s Dilemma

Posted: November 10, 2012 in News, Politics

Breaking news came out of Salt Lake City on Wednesday, as Bob Murray made a move that somewhat baffles people outside of his company. In reaction to Obama winning his re-election, Murray decided that 102 of his employees needed to be laid off. Citing a number of different reasons, Murray focused mostly on a believed war on coal by Obama’s policies. He read a combination of a statement and religious scriptures before handing out the pink slips.

Interestingly enough, the coal industry has actually been growing beyond its means for the past 4 years and has had to recently compete with a surging natural gas and alternative energy industry. A representative from the Sierra Club acknowledged that the layoffs were actually unnecessary and had to be more personally motivated in response to the election.

If you were to take a look at Murray’s record, it would be hard to ignore his erratic and irresponsible behavior in the past. He has fired portions of his staff before several holiday seasons. He has also had multiple accidents that have resulted in loss of life at different mining sites. The United Mine Workers of America have identified him as a poor manager and businessman. Related to the election, he has also been identified for holding and forcing his workers to attend Republican rallies and donate portions of their earnings to the Republican campaigns.

This action of firing people after the election appears to be more of an attempt to make a statement against a false war on coal. While coal may be a less profitable business than in the past, the rise of other energy sources have not been a secret. Over-hiring and poor management are more of an issue for Murray than anything Obama is doing. Many conservatives who are so strongly sticking to their laurels have been exerting their sour feelings for the past few days through actions ranging from posting comments on Facebook, trolling comment sections of videos and news stories online and severely punishing people in the name of their tradition.

To take a concept used by the conservative supporters that has been used to describe the non-traditional people in America, Murray and other conservatives need to take more personal responsibility and stop looking for excuses for their own problems.