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Happy Thanksgiving for Some…

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Holidays, Random

Thanksgiving is typically one of those holidays that I really love. Getting together with the family, there are great football games, excellent food and memories galore. This is the case for many family and friends across the country, and even some of those trying to celebrate overseas. Unfortunately there are also many of people who are currently missing the opportunity to enjoy the holiday, and not just our troops across the globe.

Black Friday shopping has continued to get more and more out of hand. When it was first developed, the idea was meant to kickstart the holiday shopping season. Slowly, the start time for store openings continued to crawl earlier and earlier into the morning. Only recently has it actually reached all the way back to midnight for certain stores. This year, several stores have pushed their start times all the way back to Thanksgiving night, as early as 8pm (and staying open until the end of the shopping day on Friday evening).

Why is this such a problem if people are going to go out shopping anyway to take advantage of the deals? It is inhumane! It is crazy to force people to have to come in on a day of family, friends, reflection and appreciation for what we have to encourage a culture of buying things we do not need. That is what Friday is for. The employees of these stores deserve the opportunity to take the day to relax and enjoy their day. They should be able to watch enjoy time with their families and friends, and, for that matter, everyone should be able to take the day off to not have to worry about buying things.


I decided to boycott the Thursday night shopping, but I know that will not make a difference. I hope that store owners develop more of a conscience next year and let their employees actually enjoy the holiday.