It’s the Little Things that Matter to the NCAA

Posted: May 31, 2013 in College

If you received a letter from a national organization about a $20 car washing penalty, would you take it seriously? A student athlete in the WCC now has to consider this a real thing. The NCAA discovered and chose to penalize a female golfer for washing her car on the university campus, using university water and a hose. Stop me if you need a moment…

With all of the other issues in college sports, is this really a good use of the NCAA’s time? Are they still an effective organization if they think this is an NCAA issue versus a university-specific concern? Couldn’t the university have decided if washing her car on-campus was really a problem?

I just wanted to put this out there since I truly believe that there are much bigger issues to focus upon than a student minimally using university resources.


Here is the article:

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