Archive for June 4, 2013

Our society has found new ways to sink lower into the entertainment basement. While there are plenty of mediums out there that are debasing and crude, screaming obscenities that go viral is now apparently as good as a glowing resume.

The first incident that happened was at the University of Maryland, where a sorority student got angry at her sisters for their lack of participation in Greek Week activities and events and sent them a very colorful and angry email. Somehow, this email was leaked and became an overnight sensation over the internet. The student quickly went into hiding and even the sisters had no idea where she went. Within no time, this student began to receive offers to conduct interviews about the incident and then had job offers thrown her way. Even Vanity Fair and Cosmo wanted to get in touch with her. Meanwhile, the rest of the sorority was sitting back at the College Park campus awaiting the possible sanctions that could be handed down in response to the negative public attention.

The other incident occurred on a news show when the first-time anchor began swearing as they began rolling. His co-anchor was thrown off but eventually recovered. This became the man’s first and last show on this network but he immediately became an internet sensation and has been offered jobs at many other news organizations. He was even, probably jokingly, offered a job with Live with Kelly and Michael.

At what point did it become okay to lack decorum and get offered opportunities that others have worked so hard to achieve? Neither of these individuals deserve what has been thrown their way. Their only claim to fame is losing their cool and overreacting to a simple situation.