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A New Hope for Tebow

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Football

While there is a really polarizing atmosphere surrounding Tim Tebow, the Patriots have decided to bring Tebow-mania to Boston. After only getting a year to perform in Denver and getting turned into a freak show in New York, he will now be sitting behind Tom Brady with a chance to learn from a future hall of fame quarterback.

Patriot-way-conquers-Tebow-mania-N0NNFLM-x-largeWhether you like Tebow or not, his stint with the Jets was a nightmare. He was a winning QB with the Broncos and was only forced out because of an opportunity to land one of the greatest QBs playing the sport today. This was not a surprise, and neither was the interest from the Jets for taking him. They were struggling with an overhyped Sanchez who had failed to live up to any expectations. Rather than giving him a chance to truly compete for the starting job, Rex Ryan committed fairly early to the continued Sanchez circus. Meanwhile, Tebow became a sideshow with only few attempts passing and a handful of plays lined up as a runningback or receiver. He became and remained a joke for the rest of his time in New York and was cast aside during the off-seaon when the Jets loaded up on possible QBs.

This move makes sense for the young QB, who will probably never get a chance to fully start again but could develop into a fine backup. There could be a chance that he builds up his skills under a successful, veteran player. He knows this time around that he is a backup and there is no chance that he takes the starter’s job. Let’s see if the new environment can breed life back into his career.