Redskins Report – Week 6 – Primetime in Dallas

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Football, Washington Redskins

I got delayed on releasing this post. I was sick after a weekend of football games out in the rain, including the GB-BAL game.

And all of the excitement is over. Washington found a way to get our hopes up and then dash them following the bye week. It was the big stage and the opportunity to put the criticism behind us. We were not the same team as last year. RGIII was not at 100%. The defense cannot stop anybody (save maybe the Jaguars). It has just been failure at every turn.

So Dallas was a point for redemption. With only 1 divisional game so far, a win would keep us in better standing, while a loss would leave us playing catch-up like after every first half of every game this season. The Cowboys were ready to go an started the scoring early, but injuries seemed to be the name of the game for their defense and star RB DeMarco Murray. Still, the Redskins offense struggled to sustain drives and the defense still gave up the occasional solid run to their backups.

The problem was actually not the defense this time. The special teams were the big losers of the day. First of all, the special teams coach bumped a ref on the sideline and gave the Cowboys an extra bit of icing on the cake following Harris’s punt return TD. Then, another penalty forced Washington to re-kick a later punt, allowing Harris to return the ball for 90 yards and set up another score. There was no blocking on the defensive side and no significant return when receiving the kick.

Dallas’s Tony Romo got to sit and watch much of their success from the sideline, as the defense and special teams held Washington without a 1st half touchdown again, held RGIII to no passing TDs, and forced 2 turnovers. Alfred Morris also had elevated rushing stats due to his 40+ yard TD run and RGIII’s scrambles were also for big gains because he could take opportunity with the hesitation of his tendency to run. Romo’s INT did not matter in the end since Washington failed to convert a TD off of the mistake.


  • Morris’s TD run was the longest run of his career so far.
  • RGIII looked much more mobile than previous weeks and cut a few good runs.
  • If you take away the KR TD and the short yardage TD after the KR for 90 yards, the defense only gave up 17 points, which is much better than previous weeks.
  • They also held Dallas to only 213 yards of offense and kept Miles Austin out of the game completely and reduced Bryant and Witten to only 63 total yards.


  • Dallas kept earning extra yards off of the extra effort. Tackling continues to be a concern.
  • The special teams imploded completely.
  • Penalties continue to plague the momentum and the opportunity.
  • Wide receivers need to stop dropping passes.
  • RGIII is holding onto the ball too long and not maintaining good throwing accuracy.

Around the rest of the league…

  • Eli Manning continues to struggle on offense with another 3 INTS as the Bears handled the Giants to send them to 0-6.
  • Rumors of Dalton being on the hot seat are cooled after the 3 TD overtime win over the Bills.
  • It may have taken a bit to get started, but the Lions were able to work the Stafford-Fauria TD production machine against the Browns.
  • Terrelle Pryor learned why the Chiefs are a team to fear this season as he was sacked 10 times and forced into a 4th & 48 before dropping the game 24-7.
  • Peterson’s sorrowful day was only piled on by a loss to the Panthers and Newton’s 4 TD performance.
  • The Steelers take one from the Jets in a bid to get their first win of the season behind an anemic running attack and a somewhat revived Roethlisberger.
  • The Eagles drop the Bucs to 0-5 with a  performance from Nick Foles that puts Vick’s ability to return as the starter into question.
  • The Packers lose two receivers but hang on against the somewhat unproductive Ravens offense.
  • While Schaub did not throw any INTs this week, he was applauded for leaving the game on injury while the Rams looked a championship contending team taking out the Texans 38-13.
  • The Jaguars beat the spread to avoid the record-breaking loss to the dominate Broncos, who needed the second half to finally pull away.
  • A muffed kick and 2 fumbles were not enough to give the win to the Titans after Lynch and Sherman came through for the Seahawks.
  • Brady connected with Thompkins in the closing seconds of the 4th to edge out the Saints, who failed to convert significant downs on their final two drives.
  • The 49ers rode the offensive success of Vernon Davis with 180 yards and 2 touchdowns as they got a divisional win over the Cardinals.
  • The Colts are going into their big matchup with Manning’s Broncos with a little less energy after failing to reach the endzone even once against the Chargers.

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