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Same themes as the Dallas game but the Redskins found a way to not defeat themselves and win at home against the Bears. Just when it looked like the special teams was going to fail the team again, RGIII and Jordan Reed seemed to be on the same page.

There has been a thought that Jordan Reed was going to be good. Fred Davis had been the talk during the preseason, but no one had anticipated that Reed would have the biggest game of the two at this point of the season. Ending the game with 9 receptions, 134 yards, and 1 touchdown is quite a way to make his entrance into the NFL.

RGIII was a bit of a mixed bag but definitely finished the game on top. The first drive of the game was looking good until they struggled to advance in the red zone. Then it felt like they were falling back into their 1st half habits, including another interception for a touchdown. That was until Roy Helu helped to buck that trend. Getting the team’s 2nd 1st half touchdown of the season, Orakpo followed it up with another defensive interception for a touchdown, channeling his inner DeAngelo Hall. Then, finally, RGIII put a drive together and tossed one to the hot Jordan Reed for a 3-yard score just before the half.

One of the biggest elements that changed the game was the groin injury to Cutler, leaving the Bears offense to Josh McCown. Interesting enough though was that the offense played better with him in there. The halftime lead of 24-17 was quickly erased, as the Bears started to score at-will. After a missed field goal, the Bears scored two consecutive touchdowns and got back into the battle for the lead. Roy Helu came up big in the second half, aided by RGIII and Morris both running at a higher level, and scored an additional 2 touchdowns. RGIII also got lucky on a deep endzone pass that should have been picked off but was pulled in by Aldrick Robinson. Helu’s final score gave the Redskins the lead and the win.

The special teams came up short again this time, as they gave up field position and a return touchdown for the second week in a row.


  • The run game is looking a lot more like last year’s best in the NFL. Even RGIII put in 80+ yards.
  • RGIII is looking a lot more like himself with his running and passing, especially making that key sideline pass in the 4th quarter on 3rd down.
  • Jordan Reed really gives the receiving corp a boost without Davis contributing.
  • The offense put up really great numbers overall and recovered from last week’s poor performance.


  • What is happening with the special teams? 2 allowed return touchdowns in 2 weeks. Fix it now!
  • The defense’s interception touchdown was pretty much wiped out with how the defense caved in the 2nd half against backup McCown.
  • The rest of the receivers seemed to be muted for much of the first part of the game. Reed was the only significant receiver for the 1st half.

Around the rest of the league…

  • Wilson is making the Seahawks look like a real playoff contender with his 3 TDs versus the Cardinals.
  • Mike Glennon did not look too bad, but the Falcons got back on track behind Matt Ryan and got dropped to 0-6.
  • In a shootout in Detroit, the Bengals outlasted the Lions with both running games falling far short of their early season success.
  • The Bills stole one away at the end of the game with a field goal as they were able to overcome a mediocre performance by Thad Lewis and still do not have an answer at QB.
  • The Jets fought hard against the Patriots and won! The Patriots had to come back to get to overtime, but an unsportsmanlike penalty after a failed field goal gave the Jets a second chance.
  • The Cowboys did not have to do much to beat the Eagles, but it did help that their back defensive players were able to play up to par and Foles got knocked out, leading to 3 INTs by Matt Barkley.
  • The Panthers took advantage of the Rams losing Bradford for the year by doubling up points and demolishing the lackluster Rams offense.
  • The Chargers may have given up 318 passing yards but they held the Jaguars to 2 field goals, and that was all.
  • The 49ers held the Titans scoreless for the 1st three quarters but maintained a 14-point win over Locker’s return to the field.
  • The Packers decimated the Browns with Rodger’s passing to unknown receiver Boykin, but losing Jermichael Finley in the process.
  • The Chiefs were able to outlast the Texans, as Houston tried to restart the offense behind rookie Case Keenum.
  • The Steelers got their first home win as they took down the Ravens for their 3rd loss in 4 games.
  • Manning returned home to Indianapolis but Luck upset his predecessor with a 6-point win in the late goings of the game.
  • As for the other Manning, he picked up a win against the struggling offense of the Minnesota Vikings with a minimized effort by Freeman and Peterson.