Blogging Dead: Claimed (s4ep11)

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Television, The Walking Dead

Abraham picks up Glenn and Tara, taking them a ways down the road. Allowing a couple of walkers to get up to the stationary vehicle, Abraham yells at Tara to not fire her gun. Instead, he takes them out by hand. Tara calls out the fact that Abraham takes pleasure in killing walkers, to which he replies that he is the luckiest guy in the world. After moving the cars out of the roadway, then continue on their way.

the-walking-dead-claimed-michonne-2Carl and Michonne joke for a moment about her choice of attire over cereal. They also joke for a moment about soy milk, until he mistakenly jokes about rather drinking Judith’s formula. He runs off to be by himself. Rick thanks Michonne for getting Carl to laugh and for being back. Michonne confirms that she is there to stay with them but wants to understand what their next move is. Feeling indecisive, Rick says he would like more time to think. Michonne says that she’ll take Carl out on a supply run while Rick builds up his strength. Back in the house by himself, Rick barricades the door before heading upstairs to redress his bandages and lay down on the bed to read.

Back out on the supply run, Carl acts distant towards Michonne’s joking around and will not break his mood for anything. She decides to tell Carl about her 3-year old son, to which Carl suddenly becomes very interested. Michonne agrees to answer questions as they clear the rooms of the house.

Rick is sleeping upstairs when he is suddenly woken up by some bantering of a few men downstairs. Rick sees a man walk through the upstairs hallway, grabs his gun, and hides under the bed. Trying to stay quiet, he is able to watch as the man walks through the bedroom and searches through the closet and drawers. The man drops down on the bed, leaving Rick trapped.

Michonne reveals that her son’s name was Andre Anthony but that he died soon after the zombie apocalypse happened. She tells Carl that she had never told anyone, even Rick, about the death or existence of her son. Carl agrees to keep what he heard a secret. Michonne unwraps the picture that Carl finds, revealing a disturbingly vandalized picture. She checks down the hall through the bathroom and finds herself in a child’s room full of toys and books. Going into the next room, she discovers a family dead on the two beds and a dead woman in a rocking chair. Carl almost comes into the room, but she closes the door behind her and refuses to let him in. Carl realizes that she does not want him to see the room but shares that he still feels sad for the loss of Judith.

With the man in the bed now fully asleep, Rick thinks that he can finally break free until another man comes up to the room to lay down. The two men argue over who gets the bed and start fighting each other, nearly exposing Rick as the one man gets strangled until he passes out.

the-walking-dead-claimed-episodeGlenn finally comes to while in the back of the army truck with Tara. Getting an update, Tara explains that they passed the bus and that everyone there was dead. Now three hours further down the road, Glenn tries to get Abraham to stop the truck. Glenn grabs his pack and starts to walk away. Abraham gets in his way and tries to convince Glenn to stay. Getting a little dramatic, Abraham finally introduces himself, Rosita, and Eugene. He explains that Eugene needs to get to Washington DC in order to use what he knows about the walker problem to save everyone. Stunned by this news, Glenn asks for clarification but gets the “it’s classified” excuse. Eugene had been communicating over walkie-talkie until a couple weeks prior. Glenn walks away and Tara walks with him. Abraham tries to convince him that he has a better chance back in the truck but he struggles to find the words. Glenn is halted by Abraham’s words and slugs him in the jaw. The two men get into a scuffle when Eugene notices a lone walker emerge from the bushes. More begin the appear from the cornfield but Eugene struggles to fight them off by himself. Abraham runs to join him and Rosita and Glenn get involved just soon enough to take out the last few. Abraham then discovers that Eugene shot through the fuel tank in the fight.

Rick finally tries to crawl out from under the bed when the man starts to snore. He gets out of the room just when another man starts to walk upstairs. Hiding in the kid’s room, the man almost finds him. He cannot open the windows, but he overhears the men yelling about how a woman must be living in the house. Rick steals the dead man’s gun but then gets into a fight with a man in the bathroom. Getting the upper hand, Rick strangles him to death before he can grab the pair of scissors on the counter. Armed with a machine gun, he stumbles to his feet. He slides open the window and cracks open the door before he tries to make his escape onto the roof. He falls onto the porch and then exits down into the yard.

Abraham begins to work on the truck to patch the holes while scolding Eugene. Rosita hands Glenn back a picture that fell out of his pocket. Glenn grabs his pack again and starts to walk down the road with Tara. Rosita follows and forces Abraham and Eugene to tag behind.

Rick feels trapped on the side of the house with one of the mystery men sitting on the porch. It is just then that he sees Michonne and Carl walking back toward the house. Luckily, walkers attack and create a distraction, letting Rick run out to Michonne and Carl and get moving down the road.

Abraham starts to talk to Tara about how he respects Glenn but how saving the world is more important. Tara pushes back and tries to get Abraham to talk about his reasons for pushing the trip to Washington.

Now with Rick, Carl, and Michonne on the rails, they find a train car that posts sanctuary for all those who can make it.

the-walking-dead-claimed-carlReaction: The prison truly feels like a distant memory now. The last episode reopened the fear that comes with being exposed, but now Rick, Carl, and Michonne are struggling through a combination of human threats and emotional ones. Rick was still recovering from his injuries, so he was useless to go on the supply run. Thinking that he secured himself by blocking the front door, he was not prepared for scavengers to break into the house while he was sleeping. Unable to protect himself and take these men on, he hid under the bed and just hoped not to be found. Feeling unable to stay there forever, he finally shifted into survival mode and began to move from room to room to avoid getting found, until he got into the fight in the bathroom and had to prove himself again. He heard the men talking about everything from scavenging to wanting to rape the woman they projected was living there. It was a little bit of luck that he was able to get away, but it was a good thing he did.

For Carl and Michonne, the episode was one that finally gave them a chance to gain a deeper understanding of each other. While Michonne learned that Carl was still feeling guilty for not being able to protect Judith, Carl learned about Michonne’s son and how she had been holding it in. In the comics, she had two daughters that both died during the apocalypse in comparison to having one son. Her willingness to disclose this information to Carl served as reinforcement of how close she feels toward him and how she truly has stopped running from people she cares about. Carl had worked himself up over Judith’s “death” but seemed to finally give himself a break in the end.

For Glenn, he was truly a man on a mission. With the towering personality of Abraham standing over him, he was able to find the anger and compulsion to take a swing at him and wrestle him on the ground. Given the choice between finding Maggie and saving the world, he clearly chose love as his purpose for living. Abraham found it an impossible task to convince Glenn otherwise. Meanwhile, Tara was just a passenger throughout this episode. Since Glenn saved her and she feels guilty for the Governor’s evil motives, she felt obligated to go wherever he chooses to go.

Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene have their story revealed a bit as well. It is now know that Abraham and Rosita are trying to get Eugene to Washington to save the world, but they are all keeping quiet about what Eugene knows and how they will actually save humanity. Abraham was completely gung-ho to get to Washington but struggled with Glenn’s defiance as well. With Rick’s group still divided and fighting for their lives, Abraham has the ability to be the leader they all need once they find each other.

Between the last two episodes, the concept of a sanctuary has been introduced with two factions of the group. Tyreese and Carol found the sign along the railroad after reconnecting last week, while Carl, Michonne, and Rick found the banner on the train car after getting flushed away from the house. In the comics, there was a set of interactions while on the road where the group faced off against cannibals. With this sanctuary being a place where something significant is likely to happen, it could be the place where the cannibals are trying to lure survivors for food. This may not be revealed for another few episodes, so speculation is abound.

In Memoriam: a marauder in the bathroom

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