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TheWalkingDead_season4-400x224Prior to the fall of the prison, Bob was out on his own. Looking weary from fighting for survival, Bob was struggling and walking alone when he found an abandoned shelter and started drinking a bottle of cough syrup. After his pitstop, he climbed an abandoned trailer to scout the area and then used the height to avoid being spotted by a walker herd. After getting himself down and starting to proceed forward, he was spotted by Daryl and Glenn. Daryl started to grill Bob with the standard questions regarding his skills in killing walkers and whether he had killed a living person. Bob admitted that he had killed one woman but she asked him to do it. Daryl offered to Bob to join them, leading to the three men returning back to the prison.

Flashing forward to their present struggle, Bob, Sasha, and Maggie are caught in a thick fog with walkers groaning all around them. Suddenly, they start to appear and threaten the group.  Sasha is forced to shoot a few of them that are overtaking Maggie and Bob, but the group survives. They realize that they are low on ammo and their compass is broken. Bob tries to pull up the morale. Maggie spots a sign when they come out of the woods which is the same sign the others had seen. Maggie and Bob are both interested in going, but Sasha remains skeptical about their chances with what they will find at the end.

Daryl continues his lessons with Beth to teach her to track and hunt. Beth begins to recognize the trail of a walker and get a little cocky. She sneaks up on a walker when she is suddenly taken down by a metal trap. She shoots the walker in the head but Daryl has to rush in to finish it off. Beth’s foot is still hurting, so Daryl offers her a piggyback ride. Daryl makes a comment about good people not surviving but places some flowers on a grave in the graveyard they start to walk through. Past the graveyard, they find an funeral parlor and start to explore the building. Daryl grabs some medical supplies to wrap up Beth’s ankle and sarcastically comments about the dressed up dead bodies.

Setting up a new camp, Bob and Sasha start to talk about her apprehensions with their journey. Sasha’s new focus seems to be self-preservation. He belief is that Glenn is dead and they are not far behind. She believes that they would be better off setting up in a building in the next town rather than continuing forward. After waking up from a nap, Sahsa finds Bob leaning over a message written in the ground from Maggie. Distressed by her choice to go off on her own, Bob convinces Sasha to pack up and continue forward to find her. Out on her own Maggie finds another sign down the tracks but is caught by a walker. She kicks it to the ground, stabs it in the head, and slices its stomach open.

Finding stash of food in the kitchen, they realize that there must be someone visiting the parlor and keeping their belongings there. Daryl agrees to leave some of the food untouched in the event the person comes back. After setting up the perimeter, he reenters the house to find Beth playing the piano and singing. He takes the chance to lay down in the coffin to rest and asks her to keep playing.


Bob and Sasha continue their journey but Sasha continues to harass Bob for his optimism. He explains that he is just happy to not be alone. They finally come across the same walker that Maggie killed and find a message that she has left for Glenn to go to Terminus. The settle down for the night and continue talking about sleeping and survival. The sounds of the walkers keep both of them awake and alert. Sasha continues to remain pessimistic, but Bob challenges her on whether she believes Tyreese is alive or not. He tries to charm her but she does not break. They find another message from Maggie down the tracks and continue forward.

Daryl and Beth go to the kitchen to get food when they hear a rumbling outside. Daryl finds a white dog at the door but he cannot get it to enter the house. It runs away and he returns inside. Beth begins to write a message to thank the person or people responsible for the parlor, but Daryl suggests that they stay there a while and potentially meet them. They hear the dog again but Daryl is surprised at the door with a pack of walkers. He leads them away from Beth and traps a large number of them in the embalming room. Escaping out to the road, he finds her pack on the ground and a car speeding away. Daryl shouts for Beth and tries to chase down the car.Daryl’s attempt to find Beth leads him away from the parlor but he loses track of her. Instead, he finds himself near some train tracks.

Sasha spots the next town down the railroad and tries to convince Bob to stop. He refuses and continues to remain focused on finding Maggie. He challenges Sasha and continues to call her afraid. They get to a point whether they appear to nearly part ways. Bob takes a risk and kisses her. Sasha tries to tell him to stop but he presses forward. Sasha lets him go and starts to survey the town. Alone in one of the empty buildings, she drops her stuff and begins to break down. Walking toward the window, she pulls out her compass and spots someone who looks like Maggie in the distance. Tapping the window, the panes of glass fall to the ground and awaken the walkers hiding out in the area. She runs out to go rescue her. The two of them cut and club their way through the herd. Maggie admits that she overheard Sasha’s negativity and that Glenn must be dead. She then admits that she wanted to wait for the two of them to press forward. Sasha finally admits that she is afraid that we may not survive to find the rest of their friends but agrees to go find Bob and the others.

A group of men walk up on Daryl sulking on the ground. He punches out the leader and gets the group to draw on him. Joe, the leader, talks Daryl down.

Having pressed on, Bob finally reunites with Sasha and Maggie when they walk up behind him.

Glenn finally finds the same signs that others have found and appears to seem like he will head toward Terminus.

ir.ashxReaction: After the single story arc of last week, this episode felt like it was set to advance the story much closer to its conclusion for this season. Maggie’s group finally discovered the same path that Rick’s and Tyreese’s groups have already found, and even Glenn discovered the same path right at the end of the episode. The only problem with Maggie’s group was that they each seemed to have different reasons for pressing forward. Maggie’s completely focused on finding Glenn and she continues to believe that he can be found at Terminus. She even got to a place in this episode that she has given up on dealing with Sasha and has chosen to go off on her own. Sasha is done running. She would rather give up on finding the other prison survivors and just find a place to hold up.

Bob’s story is a bit different at this point. He always seemed to survive prior to the prison but also always lost everyone he was with at the same time. With the prison, he was taking time to adjust to being with a large group of people and the same result seemed to emerge. Instead of breaking down and falling into the same despair, he has a new sense of survival now. He wants to maintain his relationships with Maggie and Sasha and hopefully find anyone else alive. While the audience knows about his alcohol addiction, he actually appeared to be a bit beyond the struggle and ready to let people in. Bob’s role in this episode actually served another purpose. He became the glue to hold Sasha and Maggie to reality. Both of them were going off the rails with their reactions to their situation. Bob’s determination convinced Sasha to let her guard down a bit and Maggie to calm her rage to a certain extent. Even though Maggie’s and Sasha’s battle scene at the town solidified their respect for each other, Bob relieved the tension for a moment.

For Daryl and Beth, they are truly rubbing off on each other. Beth continued to appear more confident in herself, even though she is now hampered by her ailing foot. She continues to be the voice of hope and reason for Daryl, who still struggles to keep good spirits. Daryl kept holding in survivor mode and only had brief moments of breaking from his focus. The relationship between the two of them has brought forth a newfound understanding of both of their characters. Beth has now given Daryl something to live for, so her disappearance after the funeral parlor attack has the potential of being truly devastating. Beth’s fate will remain to be seen, but there has been too much character development recently to allow her to suddenly be killed off.

Daryl is discovered by a group near the end and now the question is out there regarding his fate. There is no sense what this group is. Are they the group that took over Rick’s house? Are they something out of the comics? Are they something new with consideration of Daryl’s existence being different from the comics? He willingly goes with Joe and his gang after their confrontation, but the group’s intentions are completely hidden at this point. Joe’s willingness to take a punch and just laugh it off makes his appearance a possible trap for Daryl and anyone else they encounter. There is now a real question about Daryl’s survival because he could put himself in danger by trusting this group or if they cause him to choose between them and his friends.

Terminus is coming closer and closer to revealing itself and there is no clue as to what will happen there and what Terminus really is. Will the groups find a neighborhood, a train station, or something less desirable?

Just for the fun of it, I included one of the recent images from a photo shoot with Lauren and Steven. Here’s hoping they find each other soon.

In Memoriam: just some walkers…