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10575309_782031798525463_3572996532184892039_o-1030x577While eating the pieces of Bob’s leg, Gareth discusses his sense of reality while looking out the window at the walkers. He admits that he and his group made the markings throughout the woods, with an ability to get back to their camp if needed. He starts to walk through his preferences in eating men versus women, particularly interested in eventually eating Carol or Sasha. Bob’s cries eventually start to turn more into laughter, after he reveals that he has actually been bitten, saying that he is “tainted meat.” Gareth’s group freaks out while Bob screams “tainted meat” at the top of his lungs, eventually getting knocked out once Gareth has enough.

Sasha ventures out to look for Bob when she gets attacked by a walker. She dispatches it and reconnects with Rick and Tyreese. Inside, the rest of the groups awaits their return. Sasha walks back in and directly up to Gabriel. She begins to blame him for the chaos that has befallen their group. Claiming to be innocent of the accusations, he continues to get berated by Sasha and then questioned by Rick. Gabriel finally starts to break down and admits that he locked the doors at night. Groups of people had been trying to get into the building and attracted the walkers. He kept the building locked down, refusing to let them in. He heard the screams of his flock damning him for his failure to save them. He buried the remains. Getting down on his knees, he says that Rick’s arrival is his punishment. Suddenly, they spot a person laying in the grass and run out to investigate. Discovering that it is Bob, they scoop him up, take out some of the walkers around the church, and then hurry back inside. Behind Rick, an “A” has been marked on the side of the building.

Bob recounts his whereabouts and the loss of his leg at some school nearby. Clearly in pain, he refuses to take any medicine. He pulls down his shirt to reveal his shoulder bite. Gabriel offers to let Bob lay down on the couch in his office and recounts his knowledge of the school. Abraham jumps in and demands that they leave immediately. Rick refuses, wanting to wait for Daryl and Carol to return. The argument comes to a head when Glenn jumps in and demands that they need each other to survive and get to DC. They continue to bargain but cannot reach an agreement. Abraham begins to gather his stuff together when Glenn jumps in and gets him to agree to at least help with their revenge on Gareth’s group.

Tending toe Bob on his death bed, Sasha listens to his mumbling and game playing, struggling to humor him. Bob admits that he kept it a secret because he did not want to think about the end.

19b74880-3181-b8da-3bdc-9c7f9d739d99twd503gp06030332jpg-3885de_960wRick gets the group back to talking about their revenge plan. Sasha demands to join the group on their mission. Tyreese follows Sasha back to the room with Bob, stating that she should reconsider staying with Bob. He recounts his loss back at the prison, to which Sasha questions his logic and his sense of forgiveness. She takes out her knife, gives it to Tyreese, and demands that he finishes Bob if he awakens turned. She rejoins the rest of the group and heads up in the dark to complete their mission. Having been hiding in the shadows, Gareth and his group emerges and walks toward the church. They break into the front door, while Gareth announces his intentions to draw them out. He lists the people he knows happen to be in the building, having seen Rick and rest walk out the door. With Gareth’s men set up at the two doors ready to strike, Judith no longer is able to stay quiet and alerts Gareth to where she is. Suddenly shots are fired from the shadows, taking out two of Gareth’s men and putting Gareth on the floor with his hand blown off. Abraham comes from the side to hold them at bay. Gareth starts to try to justify his behavior with only mentions of the past. He claims that they can walk away, but Rick just pulls out the red-handled machete and the group finishes what was left of Gareth’s army. Among the dead bodies, Michonne rediscovers her katana. The rest of the group begins to emerge from the rooms to see the carnage. Gabriel stands in bewilderment while Maggie dismisses the building’s sanctity.

The next morning, the group gathers at Bob’s bedside to say their goodbyes. Bob asks Rick to stay behind to thank him. He reminds Rick that he is one of the few good people left in the world. He reminds Rick that nightmares should not end the man he truly is. A little while later, Sasha has replaced Rick at Bob’s side. She gives him a little smile, when he suddenly falls back out of consciousness. She draws her knife and prepares for the worst. Tyreese walks in and asks for her knife to take care of it for her. Letting Sasha leave the room first, he stands before Bob and only hesitates for a moment before preventing his inevitable turning. Afterwards, Sasha prepares his grave while Abraham gives his plans for his departure to DC. Glenn and Maggie, having agreed to the deal, get on the bus with Abraham’s group, leaving behind Rick, Michonne, Tyreese, Sasha, Carl, Judith, and Gabriel to wait for Daryl and Carol to return.

Rick heads over to Tyreese, who is in the midst of digging graves, and asks about his travel to Terminus. Tyreese says that it killed him, but Rick reminds him that he is still alive. That night, Gabriel joins Michonne out on the front steps for a moment alone. After chatting for a moment, Michonne hears a noise from the woods and discovers Daryl alone. She questions where Carol is, but whoever is in the woods stays in the shadows as the episode comes to a close.

Reaction: Cannibals no more. Gareth and his group finally reached their end in a very similar way to the story from comics. There was not much more that could be done with Gareth, as he was really too far gone to be redeemed and seemed to have fallen into a very strict pattern of eat the living to stay alive. It was enjoyable and satisfying, but there was much more to this episode than the death of the cannibals.

19b74880-3181-b8da-3bdc-9c7f9d739d99twd503gp06030332jpg-3885de_960wRick and Abraham officially have a love-hate relationship going with their views about getting to DC. While Rick agreed to do it eventually, he is trapped with his determination to keep the group together. Abraham, on the other hand, is determined to get there as fast as possible. While Eugene seemed to be a little apprehensive for a moment, he only does what Abraham says. They would have probably actually come to blows if Glenn had not stepped in and offered a compromise. His sacrifice prevented a possible rift from really going bad. The little piece at the end that somewhat mended their issues for the moment was the note on the map. Abraham passed along a small message to convince Rick that he really would like to continue their partnership in the future in DC. It was sad to see Glenn and Maggie split from Rick’s group again, but they will likely reconnect not too far down the road, with likely only a maximum of two or three storylines diverging before coming back together.

Bob’s departure was inevitable, but it was a little more meaningful than the end of Gareth. He got a moment of revenge when he explained to the Termites that he was tainted meat, confirming that he had been bitten in the previous episode. He also had some explaining to do when he was returned to the church, a little more worse for wear. He had kept his injury from the group, but he actually had a somewhat admirable reason. While the rest of the group had come to terms with killing when it was needed, he was still under the view that he needed to somehow retain his sense of self and be able to have that untainted version make it out of the nightmare. He reminded Rick and Sasha of their humanity when they both were so focused on revenge and action. His story was also a moment for the more gentler Tyreese to still have a role in the group, taking the knife from Sasha to finish Bob before he turned.

Gabriel’s story was revealed, though it was a little too easy to guess from the previous episode’s clues. Rick should have been able to figure it out from the message on the back of the church, but it only took a little more aggression to get him to break down. Having turned people away, he felt like he had failed his faith by refusing to save his flock. His story still has something left to be desired in comparison to the intensity of the survival of Rick’s group or the return of Carol, Daryl, and Beth.

Next week appears to be a Beth-focused episode, which will finally give some closure to what happened to her and, hopefully, whether Carol survived the trip as well.

In Memoriam: Bob, Gareth, Martin, and the rest of the Terminus group

With Terminus burning in the background, Rick and his ground press on in the wilderness. Rick checks in with Tara for a moment, letting her know that he trusts that she did not want to be on the Governor’s side. They pound fists and seem to let go of any potential anxiety. As for Carol and Tyreese, they chat briefly by the water about Rick and his decision with the actions at the prison. He says that he wants to tell people what happened to let them understand, but he chooses to leave out the death of the girls. Michonne spots a walker and takes a little pleasure in destroyed it. Watching her aggression, Abraham remembers why he chose to wait to tell the group about Washington. Later that evening, Carol and Rick chat about Terminus, while she reveals she recovered some items from the storeroom where they kept the confiscated goods. Rick tries to explain himself and offers to join her, acknowledging her leadership and survival skills. Now with Daryl, Carol refuses to open up. Hearing a noise in the woods, Daryl believes that they were hearing things, but there appears to be something watching them through the darkness.

michonneThe next morning, Rick’s group catches Daryl coming back from a hunt, while he highlights that there may be someone watching. Abraham easily convinces Rick to start heading north and try to find a vehicle. Sasha and Bob seem to have reconnected as well, playing a little kissing game while on the hunt. Suddenly, screams in the distance cause Carl to get the group to head to help. A man is found stranded on a rock with walkers all around. The walkers go down easily and allow the man to come down from safety. After throwing up, he reveals himself to be Father Gabriel, having survived on his own. Asking for food, Carl gives him some pecans. Gabriel notices Rick’s daughter, but turns the attention to safety. Rick starts asking him the questions, to which Gabriel answers no to killing of any kind in the name of the Lord. Michonne redirects the conversation on going to the church. Gabriel starts to make some uncomfortable jokes about leading them into a trap, which slows the group temporarily. Reaching the church, Rick takes the keys and start a search party inside. Except for Gabriel, the church is vacant of people and only full of religious items and empty cans. Abraham and Michonne get in contest over fixing the bus out back and resting to gather supplies. The group inevitably sticks with Rick’s decision. Gabriel admits to eating the food from a food drive until it ran out. He highlights that there is a place nearby but walkers have overrun it. Rick agrees to have him lead them to the place. Asking Carl about his ability to trust Gabriel, Carl replies that not everyone can be bad. Rick gives some words of wisdom, but Carl reminds him that they must remain the type of people that help others, help each other, and cannot hide.

While out toward Gabriel’s building, Bob starts to talk to Rick about the plan to go to Washington. He believes Rick will say yes. While Carol and Daryl are out for water, she again refuses to talk about the past. He says to her that they need to be able to start over if possible. They find a car, but Carol finds it to be dead. Maggie, Tara, and Glenn head out for their own supplies. Glenn trips over boxes but finds three silencers. Rick’s group makes it to the food bank and heads inside. They find a hole in the floor and multiple walkers wandering around inside. Gabriel hangs back cautiously, but Rick reminds him that he must keep up. They jump into the water and move the shelves to block the walkers, making it easier to take them out. Gabriel gets spooked by one of the walkers and backs up to the wall. Rick and the others fight their way through to save him. Bob suddenly gets grabbed out of nowhere but fights off the walker that nearly pulled him underwater. Gabriel apologizes that he was scared but refuses to open up about his issues. Michonne and Rick begin to talk about her sword, now long gone after Terminus. She highlights how she got so good by surviving out in the woods for so long. She recounts the people they’ve lost, citing that she no longer misses anything else. Back at the church, Carl shows Rick that there are knife scratches that appear to show that people tried to get in at one time, and there was a message carved in the wood that reads, “You’ll burn for this.”

The-Walking-Dead-5x02-850x560That evening, the group enjoys their meals following a brief toast by Abraham, highlighting their survival. Turning his attention quickly, he tries to make his plea. Challenging the group to think about finding a safer future, he gets Eugene to support his cause. Rick uses Judith’s cooing to serve as his support for the group to say yes to traveling to DC. Bob and Sasha share a quick kiss before he walks away and she takes a turn with Judith. Tara and Maggie have a moment, but Maggie shows her support for Tara’s past. Rick takes a moment with Gabriel to thank him for refuge but also challenges him to reveal himself or at least choose to not cross him.

Back in the woods, Carol returns to the car but has to also take out a walker. Daryl finds her but then is distracted by a car that drives by looking like the one that took Beth. They go chasing after her. Meanwhile, Bob ends up back out in the woods and starts to cry just before getting attacked by a shadowy figure from behind. Fuzzy but coming into focus, Bob finds himself face to face with Gareth. Justifying his actions, Gareth begins to try to torture him. Claiming that he has to hunt to survive, he believes that he is doing what is just and required for their situation. Bob finally looks down and sees that he is missing a leg, with Gareth’s group eating it.

Reaction: After an explosive premiere, this second episode was a bit more about regrouping and restarting with the bulk of the group back together. Predicted tensions were certainly addressed, though relatively quickly and simply at the start of the episode. There was virtually no extended tension between Rick and Tara, even though she was on the Governor’s side of the fence during the attack. Rick essentially excused her past choices due to where she was now and how she stayed with Glenn when he needed help. As for Carol, she has been highly dismissive about the past and about talking about potential issues. It appears that her survivalist skills have caught Rick’s attention in the positive way, but she has also continued to become colder and more withdrawn. Tyreese had a moment of reflection, but his greatest comment surrounded his attachment to Judith.

stokesAs for the new storylines, Gabriel adds an element straight out of the comics. Alone and out of food, he relies on Rick’s group to get something more to survive on. Meanwhile, he continues to stay stuffy about his secrets, though they seem pretty obvious. The scratches on the back door seem to unveil that he refused to let people in during the start of the apocalypse. He talked about sinning every day, which is likely his shame and guilt for past actions. The church lady walker that spooked him was in the picture that he was looking at toward the end of the episode. If he was honest with Rick and the group, he would likely be forgiven, but his devotion to his faith is likely going to keep him bottled up for the short term.

Bob is likely done. He clearly had a moment with Sasha, not showing any sort of fear or sadness until he snuck out of the church. During the fight in the food bank, he was attacked and originally appeared to be unscathed. His slinking off must seem to suggest that he was scratched or bitten and was likely going to sneak away for good or go kill himself. Instead, getting captured by Gareth left him without a leg but still alive enough to experience the horror of the group of cannibals. Gareth is clearly crazy, but it is possible that Bob’s situation might cause him to go completely nuts. It is unlikely that the group would be able to effectively continue on with Bob is whatever condition they eventually find him, especially if Gareth keeps taking limbs.

Next episode seems to keep the focus on Gareth, Rick, Gabriel, and Bob’s fate. Showing now elements of Carol and Daryl or Beth, they may be getting a feature episode soon. Gareth will likely meet his ultimate end within this half of the season, but only time will tell if it will be as brutal as the comics.

In Memoriam: just some walkers, this time…and Bob’s leg…

We are about halfway through the season in college and nearing the midway point in the NFL. October is a wonderful month that includes all 4 major sports going on at different moments throughout the next few weeks. Unfortunately for the NFL, the season has not gone as predicted and Washington, specifically, has been shell-shocked by injuries and failed expectations.

Terps Going B1G-Time

terps10s-1-webStarting with Maryland, the Terps have started relatively well in the B1G. With two very solid quarterbacks with two styles of play, Maryland has been able to fight through a couple of games and earn a handful of wins. While sitting at 4-2 (1-1 B1G) is definitely good, the season has been a little bit of a roller coaster. Not necessarily a surprised for a team that barely made a bowl game last season in the ACC, Maryland is at least on-track to set themselves back up for another bowl game run.

On the positive side, the Terps fought through one of the sloppiest games I have seen at South Florida and managed to get the win. Heading up north to Syracuse, turnovers and strong defense help propel the team to victory. On the road at Indiana, Maryland looked great against the Hoosiers and both CJ Brown and Caleb Rowe racked up touchdowns. The great thing about each of these wins was that they were on the road, an area where the Terps have really struggled in the past.

On the other hand, CJ Brown’s play has been sniffed out and his accuracy has been called into question. Against Ohio State, he lost the starting job to Caleb at the half and did not see the field again. It is unclear if he will get the start against Iowa for homecoming, but both quarterbacks deserve some attention as the team continues to march through the first season of the B1G. That loss to Ohio State was one of two at home, with the other being against West Virginia on a rainy day in College Park. The game ended up being decided by a field goal at the final seconds, but the game was full of controversy. In the first half, CJ went down for a slide on a QB run and was close-lined by the defender. No pass interference penalty was called and he was taken out of the game. Luckily, Caleb threw a touchdown on the next play. In the second half, a no-call on a pass interference penalty led to giving up the ball after punting on 4th down. Finally, the WVU player who intercepted Rowe in the 4th quarter was suspended soon after the game for conduct issues prior to taking the field that Saturday. Spotty ref-calling and poor weather conditions led to a failed opportunity against Maryland’s biggest football rival.

There is still a lot of opportunity left with games against Iowa and Rutgers at home and Penn State and Michigan on the road.

Washington’s Struggles and Missed Opportunities

4533122181-e1407518377725While my Terrapins are in the hunt for some post-season action, Washington is not looking anywhere as good in the NFL. The name controversy has stuck around with a harsh Daily Show critique and episode of South Park, but the attention in the pros is much more centered on the conduct of the players more than anything else.

For DC, the season has tossed in a mix of missed opportunities and costly injuries. As RGIII was looking to get back on-track, he was injured in the second game against Jacksonville (the only win of the season so far). Cousins showed up and looked to be a good solution until Robert was ready to come back, but he has struggled greatly in his time since then. He has managed to throw for 10 touchdowns to RGIII’s 1, but he has also fallen short 11 turnovers (8 INTs and 3 fumbles). With the interceptions, he has failed to look off defenders and even thrown directly at the defensive back without a wideout in play. The way to help a struggling quarterback is to have a great running game, but Jay Gruden has also failed to return to Washington’s bread and butter from last season. Alfred Morris has less than 400 yards in the first 6 games. He is splitting time almost evenly with Roy Helu, neither of which are consistently being given the opportunity to help keep the ball moving. Much of the challenge seems to be with the offensive line and their inability to provide consistent pass and run blocking.

The one victory was over a team that has failed to fine a win so far this season. The run game is big, but so is the defense. Players have regularly been going down with exhaustion or minor injuries, but DeAngelo Hall’s absence with injury is certainly hurting their success with changing the momentum of the game. Washington is regularly playing catchup and is forcing the defense to keep the offense within range. The special teams is also still failing to produce and has regularly missed on managing field position.

The one truly bright spot of the team has been DeSean Jackson. He is the deep threat the team needed and has produced in Washington’s last two games.

Top Performances Around College and the NFL

  • 20141011162956.0The state of Mississippi is gleaming right now. Alabama, LSU, Auburn, and Texas A&M (x2) have all fallen to these surprise teams. While the SEC quite a bit more love than other conferences, this is quite the accomplishment.
  • FSU and Baylor are also continuing to hold strong as undefeated teams. While FSU may be able to complain about losing the #1 spot after maintaining an extended win streak, their conferences have thrown challenges at both of them and they have held strong.
  • Notre Dame is playing with its half in-half out status in the ACC but also managing quite the slate of games and wins. The embarrassment of Michigan (31-0) and a win over Stanford make for a solid start to the season. Wonder if that will hold up against FSU, Arizona State, and USC.
  • Marshall is on pace for a perfect season themselves. Although their strength of schedule is far from being able to compete for a national title, they will be able to potentially earn a shot at a high-level bowl game.
  • In general, the SEC will benefit from the new playoff system when it comes to contenders for the national title. A 2-loss SEC team may be able to outrank a 1-loss team from any other conference based on the projected difficulty level of the SEC. For now, Ole Miss and MSU can take advantage of their position but MSU still has to face Alabama, Ole Miss still has to face Auburn and LSU, and they will finish the season in a potential showdown for a final shot at the SEC championship and playoff run.


  • Cowboys Seahawks Football-1After starting out slow, Dallas and San Diego have rattled off 5 straight wins and look ready to take on the talent of their divisions. After adjustments on both the offense and defense, DeMarco Murray is running circles around the rest of the league, while the San Diego defense has become a top-10 stopper of the pass and the run. Both teams have taken down the Superbowl-defending Seahawks.
  • Denver’s matchup in Seattle came down to a end of fourth quarter comeback and subsequent Seahawks touchdown in overtime. Other than that, teams have not really been in contention with the Broncos. Denver has been taking over as “America’s Team” and may be on route for another Superbowl run.
  • With the talent of San Francisco and Seattle in the NFC West, Arizona is currently sitting atop the division. Their single loss was to Denver, but they have succeeded at beating San Diego and San Francisco. Their true test will not come until November and December, when they will be forced to prove their competitiveness against the rest of their division.
  • While they started at 1-2 and continue to own the worst rushing defense in the league, Green Bay has recovered from a slow start and are finding the end zone with more consistency. Blowout wins against two divisional opponents bodes well for their chances against Detriot (also at 4-2).

Not So Top Plays in Football

518462684-Jameis-Winston-Being-Investigated-by-Florida-State-forBefore getting into the discussion of the actual play on the field, the off-the-field issues are getting in the way of enjoying the game. College football is fine overall, but there have been infractions that have affected several keys players. Jameis Winston (FSU) was forced to sit out an entire game for poor judgment making jest of his dodged sexual assault charge. He also was caught for autograph violations. Todd Gurley (UGA) might be missing the rest of his season for breaking policy on earning money for autographs as well. DeVaris Daniels, KeiVarae Russell, Ishaq Williams, Kendall Moore, and Eilar Hardy have all been removed from the team this season for academic violations. None of these violations are super surprising, but the behavior of the former Heisman winner is highly concerning from the standpoint of role-modeling and his future in a professional league that is having its own issues with managing problems much worse than the college level.

goodell-podium-640x400In the pros, the conversations about the offensiveness of the Redskins name has fallen significantly to the background in lieu of other serious, pressing issues. Sexual assault, drug abuse, relationship violence, and abuse have become an all too common issue in the NFL. While Ray Rice was not the first problem, his has brought forth a parade of horrible acts and responses that has tarnished (but not destroyed) the NFL brand. Roger Goodell has performed horribly in response to these issues and is still in danger of eventually being asked or forced out of his position. The league should be ashamed of the player conduct and needs to be more upfront about accepting some of the responsibility for its management of its players. A 2-game suspension for such a blatantly violent act in a hotel elevator was laughable. The hesitation when dealing with child abuse was deplorable. The teams’ decisions to delay suspending players after the allegations arise seems to show a willingness to accept the poor conduct as part of the challenge of “dealing” with these players. Changes are definitely needed.

  • Michigan v Notre DameUMass may have finally gotten a win, but they are also holding on to one of the worst recent records in college football, especially after blundering a potential win during a matchup with also winless Miami (Ohio).
  • Michigan may have beaten Penn State, but they were embarrassed by Notre Dame and sit with a solid losing record halfway through the season. It does not help when the QB gets a clear concussion and the coach decides to leave him in the game.
  • B1G may have great, recognizable schools, but the respect has failed to hold true. Non-conference play has almost eliminated the conference from feeling confident about having a representative in the playoff this season. Michigan State and Ohio State have the best chance, but two losses on either team’s record could spell doom, even if the other taps out.
  • Idaho and Kent State are still searching for a win…maybe…maybe not.


  • 140807_HO_LedeWhile I hate to hate on my team, Washington is struggling to figure the game out. Choosing to focus more on the pass over the run, Cousins has not appeared ready to take the led with the talent that surrounds him and Gruden has failed to allow Morris to get a rhythm with the run game. The defense is typically getting overtaxed and eventually is left to give in to each opponent, except for…
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars…As one of two teams struggling to find a win (Oakland being the other), they have given up more than twice the number of points they have scored. Tennessee gave them a chance but they failed to capitalize. Bortles may be the future, but that future may be another season with a better defense and stronger running attack. At least they have pools to distract people from the poor attendance at their games.
  • St. Louis is making the best of a bad situation. Bradford is out again, and they suffered other injuries at the QB position. They have a chance to turn it around, but their one win came against bottom-tier Tampa Bay, who lucked out on a win against the Steelers.
  • The Saints are a mystery. Sitting at 2-3, they have the benefit that the Falcons and Panthers have not run away with a lead yet. Newton has been hampered by injury and Ryan has shown serious inconsistency with his receivers (with Roddy White only catching 50% of the passes thrown his way).
  • Vontaze Burfict will need to watch his behavior on the field a bit closer, as he was caught twisting ankles twice in the game versus Carolina. Penalties are forthcoming.

Maryland is prepping for a homecoming game against 5-1 Iowa, while Washington looks to recover and get a second win of the season against lowly Tennessee. Definitely hoping for a better weekend.

the-walking-dead-episode-501-rick-lincon-4-minutes-980(In the past) Huddled in a train car, Gareth and his friends fear for their lives with screaming in the background. (Now) Rick and his crew prepare to defend themselves now in the same position that Gareth and his group once experienced. Ready to fight, they hear a command to get their backs to the wall. Suddenly, a hatch opens and a smoke bomb is thrown in. Rick is dragged outside and knocked out. Tied up and lined up in a large room, the group sees a body being taken apart by saws and they are surrounded by men with knives, bats, and other weapons. A blonde on the end of the line is hit with a bat and then has his throat slit to bleed out into a trough. Three more men who had been captured from another group meet the same fate. Just before Glenn is hit on the back of the head. Gareth’s review of the bullet shot count causes the killing to come to a halt. Bob uses the opportunity to get Gareth’s attention to remind him of the opportunity to get to Washington and end the zombie apocalypse. Gareth refuses to listen and turns his attention to Rick to discover the contents of the bag they had been carrying before jumping the fence at Terminus. Initially refusing to give it up, he saves Bob from getting stabbed by revealing the weapons and offering to take Gareth to them. He claims that he will use the machete to kills Gareth, but Gareth ignores the statement and puts the gag back in. Ready to leave and giving instructions to dry out the dead bodies, the killing is again interrupted by gunfire and an explosion.

Out in the woods, Carol and Tyreese continue on their trek. Carol says that she is willing to get Tyreese to Terminus but then she will move on. They are confronted by a walker, which Tyrese is afraid to kill. Carol takes care of it, but they are interrupted by more walkers and gunfire in the distance. Carol leads them away from the gunfire but out to another track out east. One of Gareth’s men is out in the woods, which gives Carol a chance to sneak up and capture to interrogate him. She gets what she needs with him tied up and heads up to find Terminus. Disguising herself in walker guts, she prepares to make her march. Tyreese stays with the captive and they begin to shoot the breeze. The man tries to rattle Tyreese and call him a good guy, or unable to save himself and Judith. Back out in the woods, Carol reaches the fence and sees the moment Rick is dragged out to the warehouse. Using the sniper rifle, she spots the large propane tank and see the herd of walkers heading toward the compound. Putting a hole in the tank, she fires a bottle rocket to set it off and blast open the gates, allowing the walkers access inside Terminus. Hearing the explosion, Tyreese and the captive continue to argue. Tyreese continues to fight for some sort of peace.

1413069542915_wps_62_Walking_Dead_season_5_stiBack in the compound, Gareth goes off to check on the chaos, leaving Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn with his men. Outside, flaming walkers begin to terrorize Terminus while Carol walks among them. Rick frees himself with shrapnel and takes out Gareth’s men. The rest of the group continues to panic and attempt to wait for Rick to return. Carol, walking through the chaos, sees some of Gareth’s men and takes them out. She also sees a woman on the ground, clawing for life with three walkers picking her apart. Rick and the group finally see the all of the human remains and Rick demands they take every one of Gareth’s group out. Rick is ready to run, but Glenn convinces them to rescue the other prisoners. Opening the first boxcar, the captive dashes out and attacks Glenn, claiming to all be the same. His distraction leads to his downfall, as a walker grabs and takes out the captive and leaves Rick’s group to continue on.

Inside one of the buildings, Carol finds all of the items the Terminus people stole from their captives. Spotting Daryl’s crossbow, she shoulders it and moves on. Rick quickly debates their next move, but then takes off. Daryl saves him from a quick bite. Rick waits for the group of Terminus soldiers to walk past, kills the man in the back, and shoots the rest of the team. Carol finds the candle room but is caught by Mary. They fight, but Carol gets the upper hand. She demands for information about Rick and the others and has to shoot her in the leg. Mary claims that she could have been one of them, but Carol turns away and lets the walkers in to finish her off.

Tyreese gets surprised by the walkers, which allows his captive to get his hands on Judith. The man demands for Tyreese to drop his weapons and get outside. Though Tyreese delays, he refuses to risk Judith’s life and complies, pushing his way out through the walkers. The captive tries to radio his crew while Tyreese fights outside. The noises stop for a moment just before Tyreese storms in and beats the guy to the ground. He refuses to kill the captive but beats him senseless anyway.

TheWalkingDeadComicConIn the train car, the rest of the group still stays lost from the chaos, hearing gunfire and fighting outside. Eugene gets questioned about the cure, but he refuses to share. He finally opens up about being a part of the human genome project and that he has the knowledge to finish the fight. It serves as enough to calm the group just before Rick marches up to free them. They fight their way out and leave a trail of dead walkers in their wake. Jumping the fence, they leave Terminus in flames. They track back to the weapons, but Rick still wants to finish the group off. The rest of the group struggles with his plan, but Carol appears and breaks the tension, with an extremely happy Daryl running up to her for a hug. Rick asks her if she saved them and her look immediately tells the story. She leads them down the road to meet with Tyreese, when Rick discovers that Judith is alive and runs to her. Sasha reunites with Tyreese, leaving the group in good spirits together again. Rick decides to change his plans and move out away from Terminus. He spots one of the signs and changes it to “No Sanctuary.”

Returning to the past, Gareth’s group is stuck in the train and continues to be terrorized by an unknown assailant. Taking one of the women, Gareth is left with the group to encourage them to set up and go from being the “cattle” to the butchers.

In a final moment, Morgan finally reappears and finds Rick’s edit to the Terminus sign, continuing forward toward marks in the trees.

Reaction: With the series already getting slated for season six, the show has a definite plan for where they want to go. The question is what will happen between now and DC (whether that is season 5 or the start of season 6). Previews claimed that the first four minutes would be explosive, and they were not kidding. Saved by the explosion, Rick’s group came right to the brink of death before the chaos outside.

Lauren-CohanThis episode is about luck and survival. Many of the characters had their fates left in the hands of others, but Carol’s most of all. Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Bob were easily about to become dinner for the Terminus people, but the explosion distracted their captors and allowed Rick the chance to escape to kill their guards. Carol’s destruction of the propane tank also brought the people of Terminus down to their knees. Essentially, Gareth’s meticulous nature with their capture of Rick’s crew and his willingness to talk to Bob and Rick in front of the trough provided just enough time to allow for a disruption to occur. The chaos would have still happened, but Rick would not have been able to free his people and reunite with his daughter. For the captive in the cabin with Tyreese, the walkers gave him a shot to get freedom, but he also failed to recognize how rage-filled Tyreese could be.

With all of the action and the deaths of the Termites, this ended up being a great opportunity for the storylines of the main characters to finally reconnect. Daryl and Carol’s reunion was an emotional moment, with Daryl looking so relieved and appreciative to see her again. Rick seemed to feel the same way, having once left her on her own after her decision to burn the bodies at the prison. The additional scene with Judith’s return to Rick and Carl only added to the warm feelings to finish this chaotic but successful reunion.

walking-dead-recap_612x380A couple of interesting points to note in the episode also potentially foreshadow the events coming up in this season. The first was the simple fact that Gareth and some of his group survived the attacked, for now. Rick is likely not done with Gareth, and he did claim that he would kill him with the red-handled machete. Sam, from season 4 episode 4, reappeared for a brief moment, only to be hit and slashed at the trough. He had previously be released back into the world when his girlfriend failed to fight off the walkers in neighborhood where Rick and Carol parted ways. The man on the table near the trough was actually Gareth’s brother, who was killed during the chaos that led to Rick’s capture. The tattooed man from the train car also reappeared late in the episode during the flashback, meaning that his story and the story of how Gareth took over Terminus is still waiting to be told. Also interesting in that flashback was the man that appeared and threatened Gareth. He was rather menacing and could somehow be related to a future character, Negan. Though without his bat Lucille, he certainly had the presence to be the future dictator in DC.

Now back on the road, Beth is still a wild card and has a story left to tell. She appeared in the previews but has not received any other hints regarding her actual safety and who she is with. For the rest of the group, there are some relationship and dynamic issues to figure out, like Rick and Carol’s previous departure and Rick and Tara’s opposite sides with the Governor standoff. Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita also still have to convince the group to head towards DC and find transport to do so, as it may take more than a season for them to walk there. Father Gabriel has also been hinted during previews and Talking Dead, so that story will play itself out. There is a lot to be excited about.

In Memoriam: Terminus prisoners, the Terminus butchers, many Termites, Mary