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the-walking-dead-episode-501-rick-lincon-4-minutes-980(In the past) Huddled in a train car, Gareth and his friends fear for their lives with screaming in the background. (Now) Rick and his crew prepare to defend themselves now in the same position that Gareth and his group once experienced. Ready to fight, they hear a command to get their backs to the wall. Suddenly, a hatch opens and a smoke bomb is thrown in. Rick is dragged outside and knocked out. Tied up and lined up in a large room, the group sees a body being taken apart by saws and they are surrounded by men with knives, bats, and other weapons. A blonde on the end of the line is hit with a bat and then has his throat slit to bleed out into a trough. Three more men who had been captured from another group meet the same fate. Just before Glenn is hit on the back of the head. Gareth’s review of the bullet shot count causes the killing to come to a halt. Bob uses the opportunity to get Gareth’s attention to remind him of the opportunity to get to Washington and end the zombie apocalypse. Gareth refuses to listen and turns his attention to Rick to discover the contents of the bag they had been carrying before jumping the fence at Terminus. Initially refusing to give it up, he saves Bob from getting stabbed by revealing the weapons and offering to take Gareth to them. He claims that he will use the machete to kills Gareth, but Gareth ignores the statement and puts the gag back in. Ready to leave and giving instructions to dry out the dead bodies, the killing is again interrupted by gunfire and an explosion.

Out in the woods, Carol and Tyreese continue on their trek. Carol says that she is willing to get Tyreese to Terminus but then she will move on. They are confronted by a walker, which Tyrese is afraid to kill. Carol takes care of it, but they are interrupted by more walkers and gunfire in the distance. Carol leads them away from the gunfire but out to another track out east. One of Gareth’s men is out in the woods, which gives Carol a chance to sneak up and capture to interrogate him. She gets what she needs with him tied up and heads up to find Terminus. Disguising herself in walker guts, she prepares to make her march. Tyreese stays with the captive and they begin to shoot the breeze. The man tries to rattle Tyreese and call him a good guy, or unable to save himself and Judith. Back out in the woods, Carol reaches the fence and sees the moment Rick is dragged out to the warehouse. Using the sniper rifle, she spots the large propane tank and see the herd of walkers heading toward the compound. Putting a hole in the tank, she fires a bottle rocket to set it off and blast open the gates, allowing the walkers access inside Terminus. Hearing the explosion, Tyreese and the captive continue to argue. Tyreese continues to fight for some sort of peace.

1413069542915_wps_62_Walking_Dead_season_5_stiBack in the compound, Gareth goes off to check on the chaos, leaving Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn with his men. Outside, flaming walkers begin to terrorize Terminus while Carol walks among them. Rick frees himself with shrapnel and takes out Gareth’s men. The rest of the group continues to panic and attempt to wait for Rick to return. Carol, walking through the chaos, sees some of Gareth’s men and takes them out. She also sees a woman on the ground, clawing for life with three walkers picking her apart. Rick and the group finally see the all of the human remains and Rick demands they take every one of Gareth’s group out. Rick is ready to run, but Glenn convinces them to rescue the other prisoners. Opening the first boxcar, the captive dashes out and attacks Glenn, claiming to all be the same. His distraction leads to his downfall, as a walker grabs and takes out the captive and leaves Rick’s group to continue on.

Inside one of the buildings, Carol finds all of the items the Terminus people stole from their captives. Spotting Daryl’s crossbow, she shoulders it and moves on. Rick quickly debates their next move, but then takes off. Daryl saves him from a quick bite. Rick waits for the group of Terminus soldiers to walk past, kills the man in the back, and shoots the rest of the team. Carol finds the candle room but is caught by Mary. They fight, but Carol gets the upper hand. She demands for information about Rick and the others and has to shoot her in the leg. Mary claims that she could have been one of them, but Carol turns away and lets the walkers in to finish her off.

Tyreese gets surprised by the walkers, which allows his captive to get his hands on Judith. The man demands for Tyreese to drop his weapons and get outside. Though Tyreese delays, he refuses to risk Judith’s life and complies, pushing his way out through the walkers. The captive tries to radio his crew while Tyreese fights outside. The noises stop for a moment just before Tyreese storms in and beats the guy to the ground. He refuses to kill the captive but beats him senseless anyway.

TheWalkingDeadComicConIn the train car, the rest of the group still stays lost from the chaos, hearing gunfire and fighting outside. Eugene gets questioned about the cure, but he refuses to share. He finally opens up about being a part of the human genome project and that he has the knowledge to finish the fight. It serves as enough to calm the group just before Rick marches up to free them. They fight their way out and leave a trail of dead walkers in their wake. Jumping the fence, they leave Terminus in flames. They track back to the weapons, but Rick still wants to finish the group off. The rest of the group struggles with his plan, but Carol appears and breaks the tension, with an extremely happy Daryl running up to her for a hug. Rick asks her if she saved them and her look immediately tells the story. She leads them down the road to meet with Tyreese, when Rick discovers that Judith is alive and runs to her. Sasha reunites with Tyreese, leaving the group in good spirits together again. Rick decides to change his plans and move out away from Terminus. He spots one of the signs and changes it to “No Sanctuary.”

Returning to the past, Gareth’s group is stuck in the train and continues to be terrorized by an unknown assailant. Taking one of the women, Gareth is left with the group to encourage them to set up and go from being the “cattle” to the butchers.

In a final moment, Morgan finally reappears and finds Rick’s edit to the Terminus sign, continuing forward toward marks in the trees.

Reaction: With the series already getting slated for season six, the show has a definite plan for where they want to go. The question is what will happen between now and DC (whether that is season 5 or the start of season 6). Previews claimed that the first four minutes would be explosive, and they were not kidding. Saved by the explosion, Rick’s group came right to the brink of death before the chaos outside.

Lauren-CohanThis episode is about luck and survival. Many of the characters had their fates left in the hands of others, but Carol’s most of all. Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and Bob were easily about to become dinner for the Terminus people, but the explosion distracted their captors and allowed Rick the chance to escape to kill their guards. Carol’s destruction of the propane tank also brought the people of Terminus down to their knees. Essentially, Gareth’s meticulous nature with their capture of Rick’s crew and his willingness to talk to Bob and Rick in front of the trough provided just enough time to allow for a disruption to occur. The chaos would have still happened, but Rick would not have been able to free his people and reunite with his daughter. For the captive in the cabin with Tyreese, the walkers gave him a shot to get freedom, but he also failed to recognize how rage-filled Tyreese could be.

With all of the action and the deaths of the Termites, this ended up being a great opportunity for the storylines of the main characters to finally reconnect. Daryl and Carol’s reunion was an emotional moment, with Daryl looking so relieved and appreciative to see her again. Rick seemed to feel the same way, having once left her on her own after her decision to burn the bodies at the prison. The additional scene with Judith’s return to Rick and Carl only added to the warm feelings to finish this chaotic but successful reunion.

walking-dead-recap_612x380A couple of interesting points to note in the episode also potentially foreshadow the events coming up in this season. The first was the simple fact that Gareth and some of his group survived the attacked, for now. Rick is likely not done with Gareth, and he did claim that he would kill him with the red-handled machete. Sam, from season 4 episode 4, reappeared for a brief moment, only to be hit and slashed at the trough. He had previously be released back into the world when his girlfriend failed to fight off the walkers in neighborhood where Rick and Carol parted ways. The man on the table near the trough was actually Gareth’s brother, who was killed during the chaos that led to Rick’s capture. The tattooed man from the train car also reappeared late in the episode during the flashback, meaning that his story and the story of how Gareth took over Terminus is still waiting to be told. Also interesting in that flashback was the man that appeared and threatened Gareth. He was rather menacing and could somehow be related to a future character, Negan. Though without his bat Lucille, he certainly had the presence to be the future dictator in DC.

Now back on the road, Beth is still a wild card and has a story left to tell. She appeared in the previews but has not received any other hints regarding her actual safety and who she is with. For the rest of the group, there are some relationship and dynamic issues to figure out, like Rick and Carol’s previous departure and Rick and Tara’s opposite sides with the Governor standoff. Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita also still have to convince the group to head towards DC and find transport to do so, as it may take more than a season for them to walk there. Father Gabriel has also been hinted during previews and Talking Dead, so that story will play itself out. There is a lot to be excited about.

In Memoriam: Terminus prisoners, the Terminus butchers, many Termites, Mary