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With each sound of the shovel hitting the earth, the tension rises. Maggie and Noah feel devastating by Beth’s recent passing. With Gabriel providing the background of sorrow-filled words, Noah tells Rick that Beth had planned to escape with her. Rick takes Noah’s plan to the rest of the group as a way to find some sort of salvation. Everyone is tentative, but ultimately decide to press on. The road ahead is much of the same, ravaged and desolate. With flashes of the past, all that remains is a drawing of a house with blood dripping from above.

The-Walking-Dead-Breaking-through-fenceGetting closer to their destination, Noah and Tyreese recount the travesty of the trade at the hospital. Tyreese thinks back to the past, with thoughts of his father. They pull into the woods and park near some other wreckage. Noah leads them toward his home, finding barbed wires and a junk wall slowing their path. Noah warns them of the truck-mounted spotter station, but the area seems empty and barren. Glenn climbs the wall to take a look, looks back, and softly shakes his head. They all climb over as Noah is devastating by the burned houses and destruction of his old neighborhood. Tyreese tries to console him but he shakes it off. Rick takes a moment and organizes the group to make a sweep for goods before heading back. He reports back to Carol while Michonne slays the walkers. A feeling of disappointment sweeps through the group, but Rick tries to put it in perspective by helping to connect the journey to Beth’s wishes. Tyreese talks to Noah about his struggles with giving up and fighting for life. Noah finally gets up and starts running toward his house with Tyreese chasing behind. They slowly make their way inside to find his mother dead on the floor. Tyreese hears noises down the hall, seeing the shadow from underneath a closed door. Tyreese finds his brother’s room, and while getting distracted by the pictures on the wall, gets bit on the arm before Noah kills his undead brother. He runs for help as Tyreese collapses and bleeds on the ground.

Falling into a state of delusion, he starts to see people, including the Governor, Bob, Lizzie, Mika, and Martin. They tell him it’s his time to pay his due, that it is better on the other side, and that it is his own fault for being so weak. While all the voices fill the room and the radio seemingly blares in the background, a walker barges in and almost gets him with his guard down. Tyreese fights for his life and decides to let the walker bite down on his already bitten arm while grabbing a rock off of the shelf to beat it dead. He falls back to the floor and continues to bleed onto the carpet.

Michonne tries to convince Rick and Glenn to settle into the neighborhood. While they cannot fathom a way to make it safe with the poor sight lines, Michonne tries to stick to it. While walking the grounds, she finds a massive area of dead bodies. Taking a moment to think, it hits her that Washington may actually be a shot. While Eugene may have lied about the cure, she thinks he might actually have had a reason to think of going there. Suddenly, they hear Noah shouting in the distance. Running to his aid, they take out the walkers that have trapped him and turn toward running to save Tyreese.

Hearing Beth’s voice singing to him, he continues to bleed out and hallucinate to all of the voices telling him “this is all there is.” He finally finds his voice and starts to lash out at the voices while also fighting back the tears. He falls back to the ground and starts to loss himself. Suddenly he breaks back into consciousness to find Rick pulling his arm out to chop it off as Michonne swings the blade.

2015-02-08_1158They rush Tyreese out of the house and toward the gate. Breaking open the lock, walkers start pouring in. Noah stays with Tyreese while the rest of the group takes them all out. Tyreese continues to flash back to his past while they continue the escape. Rick and the group continue to fight for Tyreese’s survival and finally get back to the car. Stuck in the mud at first and crashing into the truck full of corpses, Tyreese tries to hang on while they speed back to camp. He continues to see the ones he lost as they tell him it will be okay, even better. Rick stops the car and the group drags Tyreese’s body out to confirm the worst. Back at the camp, the group buries Tyreese, with Sasha taking a turn to shovel the dirt onto his grave before dropping the shovel and walking away. Left behind is his hat on a cross made of sticks.

Reaction: The long awaited break is over. Beth still feels like a recent loss and the mystery of Morgan continues. Having left the church behind and distancing themselves from the hospital, the road ahead seems long.

The episode started with a sense of looking to the past, but not really about the experiences. The flashes were actually foreshadowing of the danger coming later in the episode. While there was a lot of reflection happening with their roller coaster of opportunity and loss, Tyreese was at the center of the drama. While having progressively become more zen, even with his moments of rage while saving his friends, he was forced to review his decisions and mortality. The bite was devastating enough, but being forced to face the people of his past and fight off a walker made it that much more overwhelming. The entire episode was a battle between Tyreese’s softer transformation and will to fight to live. He lost that battle, but he also hung on for quite some time. There was just not enough fight in him to survive the harsh new world.

Noah’s story was also brought a little into light, even as a catalyst for Tyreese’s story arc ending. His mother and brothers fell to the fate that so many had faced. Devastated by the destruction of his neighborhood, Tyreese was the voice of reason that helped him attempt to face his fate and start to focus on moving forward. It was unfortunate that his need to see his old home led to the end of Tyreese, particularly with all of the loss recently for the group, but he can officially leave his life behind.

The group is now on a course for Washington, meaning that they are inching closer and closer to the potential threats that have already been introduced in the comics. Michonne was able to convince them to move forward, just as her thought of settling in was devastated. Maybe this will serve as a new hope for the group to rally around.

In Memoriam: Walkers (including Noah’s family), Tyreese