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TWD_605_GP_0610_0006-1200x801Rick makes it back to Alexandria, even though he seemed completely enveloped by the walker herd. With everyone gathered near the gate, Rick lays out the reality of their situation and expresses a hope that the rest of the team outside of the walls will make it back. As the group disperses, there are clearly some challenges for the people of Alexandria. Finally having to deal with the reality of the walker problem, many seem to be losing their ability to cope with the apocalyptic environment, leading to a suicide and general sense of giving up. Aaron and Jessie seem to be the only two Alexandrians willing to try to fight on. Meanwhile, Carl continues to be concerned for Enid and Maggie decides to make an attempt to break out of the town to find whether Glenn survived the mission.

Deanna’s Life Journey: While there has been a lot of loss for the survivors behind the walls, Deanna still cannot seem to find herself after the loss of Reg. She has been shambling around the town and barely interacting with anyone. She previously seemed like she was giving up on life. With her son attempting to rouse people up with a speech at the pantry and then clearly showing his hypocritical nature, Deanna expands her sense of being lost. The walker attack clearly seemed to break her out of the funk, at least a little bit. She told Rick that she wants to live, seemingly leading up to her taunting of the walkers outside of the fence near the end of the episode. It seems that she will likely put herself in seriously danger because she continues to not truly understand how to defend herself.

TWD_605_GP_0611_0064-1200x800Maggie’s Dilemma: Glenn is still missing and probably dead. With no sign of his survival, Maggie still holds out hope. Though Aaron agreed to help her for her own safety, Maggie refused to truly accept his help. She just could not stop him from joining her. She struggled with the walkers that popped out of the tunnel and finally gave up on leaving the town when they got to the gate with all the walkers outside. She also announced her pregnancy, revealing that she could not actually bring herself to risk her future by pining over Glenn’s possible demise. She held out hope with her erasing his name off of the wall, but she knew that she needed to think about her unborn child and just leave the possibility that Glenn might make it back to her.

TWD_605_GP_0611_0060-1200x801Alexandria Realizes the Truth: The survivors inside the walls are starting to finally understand what they are working with. Walkers have them surrounded and people are dying. Jessie and Aaron have seemingly accepted their fates and fought in previous episodes to protect their town. Both are remorseful for their involvement in the weakness of their people and the actions/inactions that have made them vulnerable. Slowly, it seems that others are realizing that they have to fight to live. Spencer was a bit of a contradiction in the way he got himself drunk, but he also seemed to switch gears need the end of the episode. He took over the wall duty and showed a sense of responsibility by taking Carol’s shift. Most impactful of all of the moments was Jessie’s disposal of Betsy and the speech to the people in the street. She confirmed their need to fight and to toughen up or give up, mirroring the decision that Betsy made to end her life.

Maggie’s pregnant. Glenn is still an unknown. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham are still out there. The Alexandrians are still figuring out life in the apocalypse. Rick and Jessie finally broke their tension. Morgan still has his prisoner. A lot of unclear questions to be answered and the walls may not be safe forever. Did you notice the wall bleeding before it cut to credits?

In Memoriam: Betsy

Question of the Week: Do you believe that Deanna will find her footing before chaos strikes the town inside the walls again?