Blogging Dead (s6ep6): Always Accountable

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Television, The Walking Dead

Continuing their quest to lead the walkers away from Alexandria, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham find themselves in the rough spot when they are ambushed near a small town. While they are able to fight for their survival, Daryl ends up split from the others and abandoned out in the woods. While Sasha and Abraham wait for Daryl to come back to them, Daryl is caught by a small group and taken captive. They choose to let him live, but they have trouble understanding each other’s intentions. While they believe he is from an attacking group, Daryl cannot seem to fully size them up. Survival in the face of uncertainty seems to be their challenge.

the-walking-deadTest of Wills: While Daryl was able to escape the onslaught of the surprise attack, he found himself challenged by his captors. They seemed innocent enough, but his instinct seemed to tell him to simply look for his point of escape. After finding the insulin, things changed. Daryl saw them as potential additions to their community back at Alexandria. Unfortunately, he never could have anticipated their double-cross. They never trusted him and chose to misinterpret his offer to take them back with him. After stealing his possessions, Daryl realized that they were not to be trusted any further and that he would likely have his revenge in the future.

BN-LG785_1115wa_G_20151115220458Future Love Story: Sasha and Abraham are quite the odd couple. While both have seemingly suffered some form of PTSD, they have handled their current situation in vastly different ways. Abraham continues to be more careless with his actions while Sasha has become more cold and calculated. This episode seemingly brought that more to the surface. Abraham was ready to knife every walker he saw and had to experienced an out of mind moment to reign him back in. Sasha was more level-headed but not very sympathetic for Abraham’s position. Toward the end of the episode, they finally had a moment where Sasha saw some improve in Abraham’s outlook, which was also the moment he took to make a move. She seemed to at least hint at being interested back. We’ll have to see.

15WALKINGDEAD-master675-v2The Mystery May Have Been Revealed: Glenn has continued to be a question mark since his fall into the walker mob. While I have already talked about how and why he could have survived or not, a quick moment may have hinted toward his survival. On the radio, there is a muffled message from someone in danger. It sounds as if it could be Glenn, but it has not been clearly determined yet. There will at least be another week before the mystery is truly over, but it seems that it will be resolved before the end of this half of the season.

Negan has been casted and will be coming during the second half of the season. Lucille will likely be making an appearance as well. Things are about to get more dangerous for Rick and his community.

In Memoriam: Tina

Question of the Week: While tempting to speculate on Glenn’s voice as the one on the walkie-talkie, how will things work out between Abraham and Rosita with Sasha lingering in Abraham’s mind?

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