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Glenn, having been left under the dead body of Nicholas in the walker herd, pulls himself under the nearby dumpster and survives the night until the walkers finally disperse. Enid watches from above and offers him a bottle of water when he finally emerges. While she continually resists his attempts to return to Alexandria with her, Glenn eventually wears her down and gets back to home. The only problem is that they find the walls surrounded by walkers with no easy way back in.

Back in town, Rick continues to review his options for how to clear the walkers. While he has his concerns with Morgan’s issues with killing and the Alexandrians’ readiness for the continued fight, he continues to make plans. Some challenges with Spencer and Tara cause Rick to have to reevaluate his position with trusting the “outsiders.” Rick’s gun training of Ron and Rosita’s attempt at preparing Eugene for blade combat have some unforeseen consequences. Carol also discovers that Morgan has a wolf held captive on his property.

the_walking_dead_s06e03_still_2Glenn the Survivor: After a few weeks of agony and pain, fans of the show can finally take a sigh of relief that Glenn is okay. Not only is he safe, but he also is on the outskirts of Alexandria. It was believable that he could somehow make it out alive, given the environmental factors, but everything the show released and revealed seemed to create huge doubt. Having Enid be the person to find him made for an interesting storyline as well. She continues to be a runner and unwilling to let herself let others in, even though Ron is obsessed with her. When they get back inside the walls, Glenn has a welcome reunion awaiting him with Maggie, but Enid will have a possible challenge awaiting between her, Carl, and Ron.

walking-dead-01-2Rick’s Trust Issues: Consistently reassessing his situation, Rick has flip-flopped within moments with his support for the people of Alexandria. He will always trust his closest people over anyone new, but each new encounter changes his opinion of whether he can trust this community. Morgan’s actions caused him to question whether his friend can continue working with his inner circle. Spencer then causes Rick to lash out and admit to everyone around him that he still does not see the Alexandrians as strong enough to survive. With the tower falling and breaking the wall, the real test of trust will begin.

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Threat Inside the Walls: At the end of the episode, the tower finally fell on the wall and has let the walkers find their path inside. While they will test the survivor skills of the community, there are some greater threats lingering in the balance. Rick’s lack of trust is mirrored by some of the Alexandrians, including Spencer. His actions represent a willingness to find ways to help without feeling comfortable with involving Rick or his group. Ron found a way to have Rick teach him how to potentially enact his teenage angst-ridden revenge on Carl, although the tower falling disrupted Ron’s plan. Morgan’s captive could be a threat in the midst of the chaos of the walker attack. The group is still not all back together, leaving those inside the walls with fewer options to survivor the attack.

Next week’s mid-season finale will be action-packed and full of possible surprises. There will likely be some serious deaths. Who will make it out alive?

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Question of the Week: Ron’s training puts him in position to attack and potentially kill Carl. Since it seems implausible that he will succeed, who will step in to save Carl from the obsessive teenager?