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Blogging Dead (s6ep8): Start to Finish

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Random

With walkers plowing their way through the broken fence, the Alexandrians scatter and try to reach safety in the houses. Deanna falls onto a saw and gets cut in two places while trying to fight for her life. The only one left outside is Maggie, who barely makes it atop the guard post. With the group scattered, each house must figure out what to do next to survive, including surviving each other.

1297777986947_ORIGINALCarl v. Rob: With last episode ending with Rob getting ready to shoot the only other boy his age in town, the fall of the tower put their confrontation on hold. While Carl was never exactly where Rob is now, he does understand the angst and the confusion about living with the death of a parent and with the knowledge that your father has done some horrible things. The difference has been that Carl was able to grow up in those moments while Rob is ready to give up on life completely. The fight in the garage was a long time coming, but it was likely not the end of their feud, however short it may end up being. The comics give some clue as to what may happen and it will be a shocking moment for all tv-only watchers to see.


Carol v. Morgan: Trust has been at the center of what their feud has been about. Carol believes that some people are too horrible to belief in, while Morgan tries to value all life. While weakened from the fight into the house, Carol eventually got the strength to take on Morgan. It inevitably ended with Morgan getting the upper hand due to his strength and physical training, but both were knocked unconscious when the Wolf jumped into the fight. Denise ended up being the one in the great amount of trouble, as the Wolf left the two unconscious and walked out of the basement with her and one of Tara’s handguns.

_1448851830Deanna’s Last Stand: In a moment that helped to finally redeem the leader’s troubled handling of the community’s walker problem, she was able to have her few moments with Rick and Michonne to help them both be thinking about life after the chaos. She seemed to really strike a chord with Michonne, in particular, as she was able to get her to truly question her purpose for continuing to fight. Rather than taking the gun and finishing herself off, she decided to take one moment of greatness and end a few walkers before she was ripped to shreds. Considering her troubles with shooting at the start of the mess, her final act could truly be seen as heroic.

Troubling Future: Before reading this section, know that there are some possible spoilers from the comics. A little added clip as the prologue finally announced in the show that Negan is coming. Before getting the chance to meet him, there is still the walker problem and Rick’s group of survivors are left in the middle of the fray with Sam being completely unable to deal with the problem in front of him. Rick still does not realize that Rob is hunting his son and Sam is causing attention to be drawn to them. In a moment to save a family that is causing him trouble through ruining their ability to get away and his own family, you know that Rick will choose Carl and Judith. The problem is that this question will not be answered until February…

The Walking Dead will be on break for a few months, but I will return with new analyses and thoughts on the series.

In Memoriam: Deanna

Question of the Week: With Deanna out of the picture, how long will it take of the survivors to trust Rick as their new leader after this herd is dealt with?