Blogging Dead (s6ep9): No Way Out

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Television, The Walking Dead

Trapped in the chaos of the walker hoard, Denise’s capture, and Negan’s crew on the road, Rick and the Alexandrians bide their time for a moment to strike back. Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham are left with being outnumbered and outgunned with little room to escape. Rick and company wander the streets covered in walker guts in order to get to the armory, but their plans are altered when the walker hoard has clearly swarmed every street within the walls. With Denise stuck with the Wolf, she goes along for the ride while the rest of the group is trapped in the house with an unconscious Carol and Morgan. Glenn also finds himself finally back inside the walls but looking out toward Maggie’s dangerous situation.

the-walking-dead-s6-010The Graphic Novel Comes to Life: One of the most famous scenes from the graphic novel was actually fully adapted for the television show. When Carl gets his eye shot out, it changes so much so quickly. Anyone could have easily predicted that Sam was not going to
make it and was too much of a liability for Jessie’s survival, but the moment when Michonne stops Ron from shooting Rick and Carl appears with part of his face blown off was shocking…even knowing the events of the comics. For Rick, he has lost his budding love and fears for his son’s ability to continue learning how to live in their brave new world.

walking-deadRising to the Occasion: There were several characters that proved something in this episode. Sam was almost able to overcome his fear but failed at one of the worst moments. On the other hand, Father Gabriel and Eugene rose to the occasion. Both men have consistently been afraid to fight back and have stepped aside to have others protect and save them. Gabriel and Eugene each had their separate moments where they spoke of the the need to fight for their survival, even when the Alexandrians and Rosita objected to their perceived bravery.

Morgan’s situation was a little different, as he was still coming off of the fight he had with Carol over the saving of the Wolf. Carol admits that she should have killed Morgan when she had the chance, but she clearly appears unable to actually follow through on the act. It does not seem to have much of an affect on him, but his tone changes when he sees the walker version of the Wolf in the midst of the fight. It may not have fully changed him, but he did do what needed to be done at that moment.

the-walking-dead-s6-001_0The Wolf was also a bit of a mixed bag. While he kidnapped Denise and seemed to be in it for himself, he turned back to save her when she was caught up running for the tower. He kept talking about trying to change her, but he was the one who turned around and seemed to fight for her life when the moment arose. Since Carol killed him before he had a chance to get back to the infirmary, we will never know if he really could have changed.

Negan in the Future: While Daryl took care of one of Negan’s gangs, it is clear that this was only the beginning of the war with Negan. Rick still has not met the man, and those that know the graphic novel know that he will rock this story to the core. More fun to come.

In Memoriam: Negan’s Gang, The Wolf, Ron, Sam, and Jessie

Question of the Week: How will Carl’s injury affect his personality moving forward?

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