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xy2xx2owrym1yu79j4geHaving been shocked by the escape of Jesus, Rick and Michonne are confronted with a challenge: trust their new stranger’s word or “deal” with him. Choosing to trust in Jesus, Rick pulls a group together to accompany Jesus back to a newly discovered community, the Hilltop. Along the way, they come across a flipped vehicle, leaving the group with a decision to search for the survivors or continue on without them. Finally arriving at the Hilltop, their welcome seems somewhat controversial and muted until they start to realize who the leader, Gregory, truly is. Rick entrusts Maggie to serve as their liaison and negotiate the deal to help their community recover its dwindling food supply.

mdikgxtld0b4mhbc6sjiThe Truth About Jesus: His introduction in the previous episode was met with confusion and question. He appeared to be an odd combination of caution and impeccable survivor skills. After his antics with Rick and Daryl on the road, there seemed to be a lack of urgency to keep him under closer watch, creating another strong sense of concern with his ability to escape and break into Rick’s house. In reality, he became a significant supporter in trying to help expand Rick’s world. He defended Rick at the gate, tried to lobby with Gregory for supplies, and agreed to be a part of Rick’s plan to benefit both communities.

eupmkhvwpldlh3nypkagAn Expanded Universe: The Hilltop provides a new community to debate as being good for Alexandria or potentially another competitive survival group like Woodbury. On the surface, the biggest challenge appears to be Gregory, but not in the menacing way of the Governor. Gregory’s issues seem to be his significant self-interest. While this can be somewhat understanding considering the difficulty with the trust versus survival debate, he seems to also be self-defeating when his own community members seem to be trying to provide supportive advice.

yytqlnbogkmgtr5vgo24Threats & Dangers Ahead: While he still has yet to officially appear, Negan is lingering on the tips of everyone’s tongues. Jesus finally shed some light on who he was, leading Rick to see a new target to neutralize. The problem remains that no one seems to know how much of an army this new threat has. Daryl dispatched the group on the road, and it is likely that Negan knows about the incident. With the way the show periodically kills off big characters and knowing what happens in the comics, several characters are in danger of a swift end when they finally come face to face with the new big bad.

Besides the clear threat, Abraham now finds himself in an odd place. He is struggling with Sasha to establish a real relationship but he seems uncommitted to Rosita. His conversations with Glenn seemed to help put some things into perspective, but Abraham may be losing his sense of purpose and focus at the wrong time.

In Memoriam: Nathan

Question of the Week: What was the best line delivered by Abraham from this episode?