Blogging Dead (s7ep5): Go Getters

Posted: November 21, 2016 in Television, The Walking Dead

Waking up at the Hilltop, Maggie jumps directly from a  consultation about her baby to catching up with Sasha. They visit the newly filled graves for Glenn and Abraham and share a moment before Jesus arrives. While the recommendation for Maggie is to remain at the Hilltop to recover, Gregory arrives at the graves and immediately insists that Maggie and Sasha go back to Alexandria. While they are given the night to rest, they are woken up by loud music and a horde of walkers marching through the front gate. Meanwhile, Rick and Michonne go off on their own separate adventures, leaving Carl to chase after and protect Enid.

The Cowardice of Gregory: It was clear from the first meeting with Gregory that he is a self-preservationist. He cares not for the safety of his people nearly as much as he does for himself. He was a bit dismissive of Rick and his people at the beginning, but he saw Rick’s promise to eliminate the Saviors as a chance to preserve his quiet piece of the world and his belongings. Maggie and Sasha have brought significant challenge to his order and have no issue with expressing their distrust of his leadership. He was willing to give the two up to the Saviors, but Jesus was smart enough to predict Gregory’s cowardly decision-making.

The Continued Strength of Maggie: Unlike many other characters on the show, Maggie has used tragedy as an immediate turnaround to focus on next steps. While she needs to give herself a chance to recover from her trauma, she refused to ignore opportunity to protect the Hilltop from walkers and even got worked up in front of Gregory in a challenge to his leadership. There is a clear sense that she is on a path toward power. Gregory is not long for his role and is likely one or two more errors away from either Maggie taking hold of the opportunity or Jesus helping to get her to assume the role.

Complicated Young Love: Carl has acted like he’s been done with Enid a couple of times, but this episode had him tell her directly, only to break that statement almost immediately. He truly cares about her, and he took a moment to show it with the kiss after their skating date. The young couple may actually have a chance if Enid can find a way to stay put and if Carl can survive the trip to the Sanctuary. Will Negan allow Carl to continue to explore his romantic future?

With the Saviors showing their force against the Hilltop, they have visited all three communities within the first part of the seventh season. Negan’s influence is all-encompassing at the moment. What will be the action or force to push back?

Question of the Week: What type of leader could Maggie become?

In Memoriam: walkers (by knife and vehicle), Gregory’s pride

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