Blogging Dead (s7ep6): Swear

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Television, The Walking Dead

Having split of from the rest of the group after the attack on the communication outpost, Tara and Heath continue their search for supplies. While Heath continues to wear down after the experience of killing the Saviors, Tara maintains a constant optimism and focus on supporting their community. After coming across a bridge that appears to have been walled off, they explore and find a mini settlement that has since been abandoned. They also find a hoard of walkers hiding underneath the sand pile on the opposite side of the bridge and get overrun, causing Heath to go for cover and Tara to fall over the side into the water. She washes up on the shore unconscious and is found by two young women, who spare her life for the time-being.

Dealing with the Apocalypse: There was an interesting contrast in how various characters dealt with their predicaments throughout this episode. Near the start, Heath and Tara were caught up in a fight over whether to continue searching or turn back to Alexandria. While Tara maintained her optimism and focus on the future, she held that perspective at least until she eventually made it back to Alexandria. Heath and the rest of the original Alexandrians had never really dealt with threats like the Saviors until Rick took control. He was having trouble processing what it meant to take lives the way they did, and it still is not clear if he made it back or if he knows about Negan’s revenge.

As for Oceanside, their group had an interesting story as to why they were an all-female community. Having lost so much to the Saviors, they adopted a kill-no-questions-asked policy. Natanya and her group revealed their fate to Tara and their hesitation with keeping her alive. Cindy ended up being the only one willing to give her a chance, holding onto that sense of humanity that Tara ascribed to.

Dropping a Bombshell: There were two major moments in the episode where the viewers and Tara learned what has been happening with the Saviors. Tara’s discovery of Oceanside and the reason for the lack of men was representative of the murdering mentality of Negan. For every community the viewers have encountered, Negan has already spread his control. While Oceanside is separate at this time, they are affected in the way that they are trying to stay hidden and have already lost so much or standing up to the Saviors.

Tara’s return to Alexandria brought forth a moment that viewers may have been dreading for her. She had no idea that Denise was killed by the crossbow or that Glenn and Abraham lost their lives directly to Lucille. She looked broken and unable to reconcile what she missed. She promised to Cindy that she would keep Oceanside a secret and held up her end of the bargain as she got grilled by Rosita. It is hard to tell how she will recover and what role she will play in the eventual challenge to the Saviors. Will she eventually give up Oceanside or will someone else discover its existence?

Question of the Week: Was that the last we will see of Oceanside?

In Memoriam: a bunch of dried out walkers

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