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So a former classmate of mine has experienced some major success as an internet developer for the popular information conglomerate, Reddit. While there may be some hesitation with using the site (due to the variety of appropriate vs inappropriate content voted on by people), he talked in India about the power of the people’s vote on the web. In particular, his talk highlights Greenpeace and their campaign to stop Japanese whaling through a new marketing campaign. Take a look…

It is interesting that I have been a tech guy for so many years but I truly struggled with making the decision to purchase the iPad. When I first got my iPhone, the only thing that had been holding me back was that I was a Verizon guy and it took several years for the first iPhone to make it to Verizon. I actually jumped ship and went to AT&T only several months prior to the broadening of the market to the other phone providers. With the iPad, my struggles have been simply about whether I needed it when I also had an iPhone and what would be its primary purpose. I finally got to a point whether I was able to justify that I would get great use out of the iPad for both work and personal reasons.

While there are a number of uses for the iPad, I have made myself open to exploring them all. Here are the first set of apps I downloaded for my new device:

Social Networking

  • Facebook & Twitter: While there are apps that merge the browsing and updating of both of these programs, I prefer to keep them separate. I also have my Twitter updates linked up to forward to Facebook anyway.
  • WordPress: I have to support the site where I do my blogging.
  • LivingSocial: Good deals, good life experience.
  • AroundMe: When you do not know what is available near you…
  • Yelp: Somewhat similar, I am curious what people think about places to eat, shop and enjoy.
  • Thrillist: Similar to AroundMe but with the added benefits of LivingSocial.
  • Skype: With Wi-Fi, this is a great way to talk to people quick and easy.


  • Netflix: This is a great way to take advantage of the HD video quality and faster processor.
  • Flixster: As a movie buff, I love the ability to stay on top of what is out and upcoming in the world of movies.
  • IMDB: Same as above.
  • Urbanspoon: Though somewhat social resource, I like its different way to find information like with Yelp.


  • TasteBook: It is social networking for people who love to share their cooking exploits.
  • Epicurious & Recipes: Obvious.
  • Amazon: Great way to explore the site’s offering on a mobile device.


  • ScoreCenterXL: ESPN updated the simple way they displayed information on their iPhone app.
  • YahooFantasyFootball*: Not out currently, but I could only imagine that it will be more information than the iPhone versions.


  • Flipboard, Zite & News Pro: A fully customizable way to get some of the best headlines around the nation and the world.
  • CNN, Wash Post & NPR: A few specific organizations to catch up on the latest.
  • TED: Awesome videos of people who think differently.


  • Family Feud: Great social version of the classic game.
  • Words HD & Hanging HD: Upgrades on the iPhone versions, but they were not free upgrades…
  • Draw Something: Very fun to do with the stylus.
  • DragonVale: Raising a zoo full of dragons.

There are a few others I have found, but I am curious if there are any other great ones out there I should know about. Thanks in advance for the help.